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A Guide to the Card Function

A Guide to the Card Function

It is about time for the old-school sword and shield combat in the Arena to fade into history. The new fighting requires more strategy; besides the mastery of fine swordsmanship, you've got to know how to make the most of the Cards. Now the mystery of the Cards will be revealed to you step by step. Gather your wits and follow us to venture further into this world of wonder!

I. What are Cards?
Cards are the primary components of the new Card function. They are, more preciously speaking, the new powerful weapons you should take advantage of in the PVP and PVE fights. These Cards not only bring fantastic skills to the heroes, but also replace the former Talents and War Elements. With Cards even a troop battle gets tricky. For example, you have Call of Dragon, but my Call of Dragon is better, and therefore I win in the end on the battlefield.

II. Types of Cards
There are three types of Cards: Hero Skill Cards, Talent Cards and War Element Cards.

a. Hero Skill Cards
Every hero can be equipped with 3 Hero Skill Cards. As you can see in the Skill panel, there are 3 slots for Hero Skill. The mighty effects of the Hero Skill Cards will show when you fight in Arena and the Babel Tower. No Skills are allowed on either side in the first round. In the following rounds Skills will be used in order of position of the Hero Skill Cards from left to right in the Card Slots.
Order: Normal Strike (Round 1) → Skill in Slot 1 (R 2)→ Skill in Slot 2 (R 3)→ Skill in Slot 3 (R 4)→ Skill in Slot 1 (R 5)→ Skill in Slot 2 (R 6)→ Skill in Slot 3 (R 7)…

b. Talent Cards
Talent Cards are effective in troop battles. The new Talents work basically the same as the former Talents, except that they are now in the form of Cards. Every hero can be equipped with one Talent Card. Upgrading the Talent Card can increase its power.

c. War Element Cards
War Element Cards are effective in troop battles. The new War Elements work basically the same as the former War Elements, except that they are now in the form of Cards. Every hero can be equipped with one War Element Card. Upgrading the War Element Card can increase its power.

III. Card Quality and Level
There are four different Card qualities indicated by four different colors. From low quality to high quality they are Green, Blue, Purple and Orange. The quality of a Card is permanent and unchangeable. Each Card can be upgraded from level 1 up to level 10. The higher the Quality and Level of a Card, the more powerful it will be.

- P. S. Every War Element Card has its own Element Power. Element Power is affected by the Card's level and color. The stronger the Element Power, the more powerful the combined Skill can become.

IV. Card Upgrade
a. Basic Rules
Cards can be upgraded through absorbing the Exp of other Cards. The one that you drag will remain and get EXP, while the other one will disappear, regardless of its quality or level. In other words, merging cards by dragging manually will not be restricted by both cards’ quality (color), level or EXP value.

b. How to do it
For one Card to absorb the Exp of another, you have to drag one Card onto another. This process is called Merge. Drag the Card you would like to upgrade onto the one you can afford to lose. Press the Confirm button in the pop-out window, and then the merger will be completed.

You can also click the Merge button on the bottom left corner of the Skill panel in Hero Hall to let the Cards sitting in the Card Bank merge automatically. This will undoubtedly save you a lot of clicks and drags. The one Card with the highest quality and level will eat all the other Cards and gain all of their Exp.

- P. S. You don't have to worry about any Exp loss during the merger, because it won't. The Exp of a Card will just get transferred and won't be wasted.

V. How to Get Cards
a. The new Card function icon can be found on the top right area of the screen right beside the Alchemy icon. Click it and you can enter the Draw Cards panel.
b. When you enter the Draw Cards panel, you can begin to draw the Cards. See the image below to get the knowledge of this Draw Cards panel.

c. You have to begin with the lowest Lv D Card Deck. A certain amount of Gold is deducted every time you draw a Card. Draw a Card from a Card Deck and you will have a chance to unlock a better Card Deck. The higher the level of the Card Deck, the better the Cards you can get. A higher level Card Deck will be unlocked at certain odds. If you manage to unlock the Lv A Card Deck, you will then get the chance to unlock the Lv S Card Deck. If the S Deck is not unlocked after you draw a Card from the A Deck, you will have to start from the D Deck again.

Gold Needed to draw from Different Card Decks

d. The Draw Cards panel can hold a maximum of 14 Cards drawn. You need to Pick or Sell the Cards you have drawn to make room for the new ones.

e. You are recommended to sell all the grey Cards for Gold. The fastest way to dispose of all the grey Cards is to click the Auto Sell button.

f. To truly own the other non-grey Cards you need to Pick them up to save them in your Card Bank.

g. You can switch to the Skill panel in Hero Hall to check out all the Cards you receive.

h. Click on one of the Cards in the Card Bank to view the detailed info of the Card,including its type, quality, level, Attribute requirement, etc.

i. To equip your heroes with a Card, you simply need to drag it into a proper slot. As you can see in the Skill panel, you can equip each of your heroes with 3 Hero Skill Cards, 1 Talent Card and 1 War Element Card. The Hero Skill Cards will be effective in the Arena and the Babel Tower. The Talent Card will have its effect on the troops led by the Hero in troop battles. To generate a powerful skill to kill the enemy troops on the battlefield, you need to send heroes equipped with proper War Element Cards. Together, they can work wonders.

j. There is an Attribute requirement for wearing a certain Card. You can find the requirement info on the Card. The number on the Card on the opposite side of the Card name is the required amount of a certain Attribute. If a hero does not meet the Attribute requirement, the number will be shown in red. You can increase a certain Attribute of a hero by equipping the hero with better gear, redistributing Attribute points, upgrading the hero, applying Attribute Books, etc.

VI. Classification of the Cards
Cards are classified into four categories according to their function.

a. Auxiliary Cards
All kinds of grey Cards, Exp Fruits and Bits.

b. Hero Skill Cards

c.War Element Cards

d. Talent Cards

Hero Skill Cards

War Element Cards

Talent Cards


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