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【Combination of Skills】

【Combination of Skills】

Walkthrough for high levels:Combination of Skills

1. Combination of both offensive and defensive skills
This kind of combination suits all players.
We can choose (Dive) as an offensive skill. When it reaches lv 2, it can make a target unit lose 50% HP. Then we need a recover skill (Support). It can recover 99% HP at most. You may find out that you seldom kill an enemy unit in only 1 round. That doesn’t matter, you can use (Accuracy) to kill it. If there is a group of enemies in front of you, you can use (Bombing) to bomb the enemies in the range. Their HP and ATK will both be decreased. If you are treated like this, you can use (Supply) to recover HP of your units. Another powerful offensive skill (V1 Missile) is strongly recommended. It can decrease 90% of enemy HP at most.
So if you are in the map or instances, you can arrange your skill orders like this:

If you are in Arena or 1V1 matches, you can arrange your skill orders like this:

2. Destructive combination of offensive skills
(Dive) is also the first necessity. Then the right choice is (Poison Bomb). It can decrease 40% of enemy HP at most immediately and decrease 25% HP every of the next 3 rounds. Even if the enemy uses recovering skills, it cannot turn the battle around. The third skill is (Bombing). It’s a good helping hand in the map and instances. The next skill should be (Accuracy). It can kill enemy units with residual HP. The last one is powerful (V1 Missile).
The destructive combination is like this:

3. Combination of defensive skills
This combination is for a prolonged battle. Constant recovering HP and enhancing defense are its feature. (Last Defense) is the first skill. It can increase the defense of one self-unit by 200% at most. The second skill is (Support). It’s necessary to recover HP of frontline units. (Guard) is the next choice to increase the defense and HP of all your units. (Iron Wall) can increase defense and HP largely but decrease 5 ranges. This skill can also be used to enemy units. The last one is (Fort). It can increase 200% HP but decrease 1 vision.
This combination is good for attacking those offensive enemy troops with low defense:

4. Combination of special BUFF skills
Many players love to use some BUFF skills to win the battle. They can always find the weakness of the enemy troops.
(Reorganization) is the first one. It can be used to the enemy units. The following skill is (Ambush). This is an awesome skill which can increase 80% counterattack rate and 100% counterattack damage immediately at most. The next skill is (Penetration). It can increase 30% of your basic damage. You must make sure that your unit is within the range. It can be used to enemy units. The following one is (Fearless). It can increase crit rate and 100% crit damage at most. The last one is (Jamming). It can decrease 5 of the enemy move, range, view respectively. When they are decreased to 0, the enemy can not attack. Imagine the feeling to beat a group of defenseless enemy units!
The order is like this:



u should increase em,cause u can skill at most twice
why the hell u need to create 80+ server with just 1 GM?


Well, not really Tugba, if they increase too many points, it's not a tank fight any more but people just sitting back launching skills.  Besides, you can use the extra 5 skills which you can purchase or earn from random drops.
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Your guide for skills is just pictures of them, with descriptions that offer little more information than we can read when scrolling over them in game.  Are we supposed to be grateful?...HA HA HA HA
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This is not a quality demonstration. Many of us already know the importance of skills. But acquiring skill books, tech manuals means that you are forcing players to pay to get them. There are better incentives that can be done that give everyone a chance to get these books.
For starters online daily active awards could give out a skill book or a tech book instead of MR or silver. High level players get not even a worthy amount to make any use. with 4 MR Factories the MR I produce is sufficient to sustain me. So MR as a reward is wasted and useless and you hand it out twice which is a joke.

Show us a video demonstration of using skills and remember only 1 skill can be used per turn.
As I stated in another thread Battle 18 of Falaise Pocket has been changed and instead the player is surrounded by 4 IMA units, the 5th IMA unit is in the middle. Since in turn 1 the player cannot use any skill how do they extricate themselves without losing a unit? can't use skills till turn 2. But the NPC uses skill on turn 1 which is not fair although they really do not need to since they already over power the player.

You said the TR is just a guide and does not affect the player vs NPC which is false. a majority of us are avid game players and many of us are willing to make purchases but the Devs need to make the game playable which it is not. after level 70 things get far harder and stalls the Player. Your response is to use skills what about the player who has no money to make purchase. The Devs need to do a serious re-balance of the game.   Do any of you actually play this game?
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The game should be about tanks, artillery and infantry running around shooting at each other.  It should not be people running away from each other launching special skills.

You are turning the game into "who has the better special skills" will win.  It's not a battle any more.  It's like playing war game while using magic.  There is too much emphasis on launching skills in this game.  It wasn't  like this a few months ago.
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Actually the use of skills is very helpful(sometimes required tocomplete) allbattles.

During WW2 there was many diff forms of attacks other thenground units which we get to use now in here.

They had long range immobile art. Would shoot 2+ miles, this is a skill
Many diff forms of aircraft which i'll not get into, bombers, napomp(sp), even the A bomb, most of the skills are a form of something used in actually combat.
Medics, many diff types of them.

So yes, skills are very important because they make the game more complete.

The skills section is massively bugged,descriptions are hard to read, they repeat themselves,and sometimes have nothing to do with what the skill really does!
The way skills attack diff types of units are crazy, my  lvl 5 V1 has NO, did you get that?, NO effect on most buildings/boss/ seriously?

The skills need massive work, the no skill use on 1st round? lol what a joke!!
The is not enough SP, should be greater perhaps 2 per instead of 1 per.
open it up so we can put 10 skills in our slots, not just 5, we want to use more diff types in a battle, this is crazy to have use of them but not be able to use them!

But remember their main goal is to make us spend our


mouser,i think u already know this but IMA building on hero instance cant be skilled,and there are some player who close his chat tab,he always dive,v1,accuracy on the building and has no effect into it

so the GM just need to remove skill protection or skill immune
why the hell u need to create 80+ server with just 1 GM?


What Tugba looks like on new instances


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