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【Ways to Increase Total Rating】

【Ways to Increase Total Rating】

Ways to Increase Total Rating

You can purchase the latest troops (new) in the shop to increase your total rating. Do you know how to check our rating? (as this picture shows) Click the arrow, you can jump to the more detailed rating interface (like this). You can clearly know which part is not strong enough here. Then you can increase your rating through the following points.

1. Equipment
The most efficient way to increase your rating is to equip your troop 6 pieces of equipment. You can purchase equipment directly from the shop. And you can obtain from battles and quests. But this is rather inefficient and can’t meet our needs. We can buy various frags in the shop to fuse whatever equipment we want.
Attention! This is just the beginning. You will have to deal with tougher enemies. You have to get higher leveled equipment! In the early stages, you can try to challenge the instance for lv 12-17   with your friends. You can get some purple equips there. If you can pass the instances of higher level, instance for lv 22-27 for example, with your friends, you will find many new blueprints and trophies like this: . Yes, they are necessities to fuse high level equipment. They are much stronger than common equipment. If you can collect more than 2 pieces, there will be bonus attributes, (as the picture shows), to make your troops more powerful! The difference in equipment is marked by color. From the weakest to the strongest, they are white-green-blue-purple-orange. So it will be your most important goal to fuse sets. Don’t forget to upgrade the orange equipment to the current highest level.

2. Generals
Equip your troop a strong general is quite necessary, because a strong general will increase the rating of your troop.  (Check its Main Attr. and Extra Attr.)
If you have powerful troops and equipment, you should go to the shop to recruit the strong generals to enhance your rating. There are 4 equip types of generals: Infantry, Armor, Infantry and No limit.
Let’s talk about the skills to recruit generals:
Select the suitable general according to the type of the troop. For example, if you want to recruit a general for infantry, the most suitable general should be the one with high STA addition to suit the high STA infantry. (Its Extra Attri, if possible, should be MOVE, VIEW and STA.) Similarly, if you want to select a general for the defensive tank, the general should be the one with high DEF addition, extra DEF, MOVE and STA addition,   (like this). As for an offensive tank, you can select the one with high ATK, DEF, STA or RAN addition. For the artillery, select the offensive one with extra RAN, MOVE and STA,   (like this).
Select a reasonable general for your powerful troop will absolutely increase your total rating!

3. Formation
We can control 5 units in total. Generally speaking, I will deploy my troops like this:   (one high STA and high MOVE or VIEW infantry, two defensive tank or one defensive tank and one offensive tank, two high ATK and long RAN artillery).

4. Skills & Battle items
When your level becomes higher and higher, you will meet with more and more tough enemies. Then you will find it’s difficult to win only by the units. So you need to learn skills and use battle items! Skills and battle items are of the same function. You can learn skills at techniques and buy battle items at shop. There are many kinds of skills and battle items; you can use them according to your taste.
It’s quite important to investigate the deployment of the enemies, so we can learn   (Spy) or   (Hover). If you encounter enemies of strong DEF or high HP, you can learn   (Dive). Upgraded to level 4, it can decrease 80% of enemy HP. Meanwhile, we need to learn   (Support) to enhance our ability to survive. Upgraded to level 5, it can recover 99% HP of your unit. When you reach a higher level, you can choose   (V1 Missile) and   (Accuracy). Both are powerful skills. As for defensive skill, you can choose   (Supply). And there are many awesome skills for your choice. Special BUFF skills, for example,   (Counterattack), sometimes bring astonishing effects. This skill can increase 80% crit and 100% crit damage for a unit at most. If you got stuck in the instance and had nothing to do with the BOSS, you can try   (Penetrate). Choose a unit of best ATK to use this skill; the min damage of your unit can be increased by 30%. You have to own enough RAN, because the skill will decrease the ability to move. If you are afraid of the huge ATK of the BOSS, you can use   (Jamming) to it. To deal with the large crowd of enemies, you can use   (Bomb). It can largely decrease their HP and ATK! There are many kinds of skills. Facing different enemies, you need to combine different skills to make the best of them.


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