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Allocate & Wash Attribute

Allocate & Wash Attribute

Attribute of your heroes can affect the strategy you take, the production of your resources, the building cooldown, etc. Are you familiar with these factors and know how to distribute them?

What does each Attribute mean?
Stamina: affect the Armor and HP of a hero;
Strength: affects the Damage of a hero;
Agility: affects a hero’s Crit Chance, Armor and Speed;
Intellect: affect resources productivity and building cooldown.

What is Attribute Point?
Attribute Points show the stats of your heroes, you can differ the Attribute proportion by allocate your Points.
For each level you upgrade, you would get 4 Points, and these Points are accumulated. Meanwhile, every time you successfully boost Attribute of your heroes, the four Attributes stats will change.

What is Wash Attribute?
If you are not satisfied with the performance of your heroes, or you want to adjust your strategy, you may re-allocate the Attributes of your heroes. Each time of your Wash would consume certain amount of diamonds.
Wash Attribute means re-allocate all your Attribute Points gained from upgrading, but the Points gained from boosting are not included. For example, you are Lvl 25 now, then you would have 100 Points back for re-allocating.


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