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Routine Maintenance on Dec 12

Routine Maintenance on Dec 12

Castlot will be undergoing maintenance for about 20 minutes starting at 00:00 on Dec 12, 2013(PST), during which your connection to the game may be interrupted. Thank you for your patience.

Server: All Servers

Improvements & Bug Fixings

1. The default setting of the "Lock Buildings" function will be ticked off in the System Menu.

2. Explore System
a. Attacking NPCs in the Explore will not consume troops any more.
b. Player will receive one Silver Key every one hour instead of every two hours, but the upper limit of Silver Key doesn’t change.
b. When the amount of Key is zero, players cannot go on to the Explore.
c. The Cooldown time of the defeated monsters for single-player mode will be canceled.
d. The "Quick Result" function will be added in.

3. Card System
a. "Auto Pick" function will be opened to all players.
b. The "Keep Unlocking Card Deck A" function will be added in.

4. League System
a. Sending Mass Mails in the League will not cost Trumpet any more. Trumpets will be used in upcoming new function.
b. The ranking of League will be subject to the level of the League.
c. There is no change in the League City Seizure Ranking.

5. Hero System
a. Heroes below Lv 30 can wash attributes for free.
b. The Advanced Mode of 2 Hours and 8 Hours will be added in.
c. Player can consume 6 Diamonds/ Magic Potions to accelerate Avalon Training for half an hour for each time.
d. Player can use Diamonds/ Magic Potions to increase Training Queue up to 10. Upgrading the VIP level can also increase the Training Queue limit. However, if your training queues opened are more than the training queues limitation of your next VIP level, then you won't get more through upgrading to next VIP level.

6. Chat Box System
a. Fix the bug that the Show of info cannot be sent in the Private channel.
b. The Explore channel will change to be Battlefield channel, which displays the messages from battlefield (The relevant system messages of Faction Battle will be shown here).  
c. The chat setting function will be added in. Players can choose whether to show the messages of a certain channel and Info in "ALL" channel.

7. Christmas Activity
Castlot's winter comes. The scene in the World Map has been changed into snow-covered landscape and it’ll be lasted for some time. Various Christmas activities will be launched. Stay tuned for the updates!

8. Equipment Enhancement
The comparable preview of equipment before and after being enhanced will be added in the Smithy, which shows you the reference value after successful enhancement.

9. Bug Fixing
Fix the bug that the Battle Panel will be closed if the players check the City showed in the chatbox while battling.

10. Skill
Efficacy of Stun Skill Card (Sorcery, Hypnotism) will be adjusted. The Blue and Purple one will work only for 1 round and the Yellow one will work for 2 rounds.

Castlot Team


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