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[GUIDE] Welcome to join us!Let us introduce our world!

[GUIDE] Welcome to join us!Let us introduce our world!

Welcome to join us!Let us introduce our world!

Class Introduction

Cyclops - the giant warrior in the abyss. With strong body, his brave and tenacious ensures his success in a hammer against any enemies. Besides, they can use Cyclopic Beam to give enemies a hard blow.
Good at field control, have lots of single target restrict skill. Good at single target DPS at earlier stage but weak group defence. At the later stage mainly fight on 6v6, single target DPS will be quite useless. Moreover, his poor defence can’t protect teammate, even himself.
Difficulty: 9

Vampire - elegant and flexible, killers during the midnight, kings during the nightfall, they are able to learn swords and dark magic and good at beating to the draw. They are the dark warrior with the most balanced rating.
More like assassin, own the fastest speed and the highest dodge in this game.
Have good AOE ability in the beginning, in the later stage, have extremely explosive power on single target attack. Balance on both attack and defence. She is the best choice for who enjoy defeat enemy in the critical moment by a wave of explosive attack.
Difficulty: 3

Akuma - the spirit of a martyr. He was respectable when he was alive. After he died, he turned into a ghost hero. He owns the ability to combine magic and swords.
Best MT, have lots of Buff, powerful on single fight. Very strong in the earlier stage. But lack of skill to attack back row energy made every battle prolonged at later stage.
Difficulty: 7

Witch - the cute devil protecting the source of hell magic. They are born with powerful magic. They are best at magic about thunder and ice. And they can control the Death to sweep enemies.
Witch is more about supporting. Best choice for non-cash player. Herself is very poor on attack but can reinforce the whole team with power buff
Difficulty: 0

Fighting interface

Fighting is the main way for most players to gain experience and complete some quests. The contests between players are also included. Many players try the game just to enjoy the thrilling yet exciting feeling of fighting. If you don’t know how to fight, then how bad is your mood? So let’s learn the way to fight now.

Normal Attack
Click “Attack” to start normal attacks.
Normal Attack begins.

Skill Attack
Click the button “Skill” to open the page of skills. Choose the skills you want to use and click “Release” then the Skill Attack starts.

Auto Fight
Click “Auto”, the battle carries out automatically. When you click “Auto fight” again, it’s cancelled.

Map interface

Character interface

Prestige system

Prestige system is quite simple, just level up your prestige level if you can. Prestige level is more important than character level, coz it related to the quantities of servant-monster join the fight. Top left shows your current prestige level, top right shows how many more sin you need to level up.

Skill system

Lineage system

Lineage system is very important in this game. General speaking, we should priority level up the 2 lineage of hero. But once the 2nd lineage up to lvl 15, you’ll need around 3000 power to level up. Not so cost effective. A better way is save the power in servant-monster book or level up servant-monster’s lineage.
You can extract or exile servant-monster to get the power of lineage back.
Servant-monster exile will permanent disappear, 100% get 1st lineage, probabilistic return 2nd lineage.

Formation system

(Note: White servant-monsters own 1 equipment grid, blue servant-monsters own 2 equipment grids and yellow servant-monsters own 3 grids. They can equip any equipment, including but not limited to weapons, armor, treasures, and accessories and so on.)

Miracle system

Miracle is a unique system in Inferno Legend. The settings of miracle skills are the same as that of hero skills. Generally speaking, you will not own much of miracle power if you don’t recharge. So basically you can give up the upgrade of . Upgrading miracle is preferred.
Upgrade miracle can not only increase team attribute largely, but also own more powerful miracle skills.
First, upgrade all miracles to level 5 and learn miracle skills.
And then, the miracle of Samael, the Void Serpent should be the first to be upgraded to the top-level because it gets some chance to freeze the enemy’s miracle skills.
The second choice should be the miracle of Mephisto, Lord of Hatred. He offers magic damage and MP.
The next choice should be the Diablo, Lord of Terror. He can increase physical damage and magic damage.

Fighting system

Every time you finished an instance, you can draw.
By and large, the rewards in the roulette wheel are including equipment, diamond, gold and rune. There’s no doubt that the yellow equipment and diamond are most important resources. When you finish one instance, you can check the rewards in the roulette wheel. If there is yellow equipment or diamond, you can have a try, if there are not, then you don’t need to waste your gold or diamond.

Servant-monster book

We will use servant-monster book often. So we are making a special explanation about it here.
The servant-monster book has 3 functions:
1. The servant-monster will be leveled up with the level of the servant-monster book.
2. Spare lineage power can be stored in the servant-monster book temporarily.
3. Increase the power of skills for a specific servant-monster.

e.g. the first book we got
When the book reached level 10, we can upgrade Brutal Strike. Brutal Strike is the special skill of Mantis of 1000 blue soul.
You will find a book specially used to enhance Witch of 2000 blue soul. (When the skill reaches level 5, the attack range +1, i.e. the lightning of Witch is supposed to attack 3 enemies in front, but after reaching level 5, it can attack front 4 enemies in front.)

Totem system

There’s no totem in the tutorial progress, but it is a very important element for us to enhance ourselves.
Click Item, and then you can enter to the totem enhancement interface by clicking the scroll on the top right.
The highest level of the totem can’t surpass the hero level. (Impossible apparently)
Rune is not needed before lv 9. When you reach lv 10, you need both gold and rune to enhance your totem.
It is suggested to enhance some totem purposely. After that, you can balance the whole level.
The enhancing order can be:
Boots- Weapons- Plate Armor- Amulet- Helmet- Treasure- Ring- Set- Belt
The reason why put boots in the first place is because it is important to strike first during a PVP in the arena. Kill several enemies in a second basically can ensure the success of the battle.
The following orders have done an overall consideration of the drop rates and practicability of the equipment.


When your hero level reaches 10, the NPC of Shop and Bank will be unlocked.
You need to go to Shop at least once a day to refresh out 1-2 goods at hours.
Old goods will be replaced when you refresh. So just come here and have a look in case some useful goods are replaced. The higher your level is, the more you can buy. For example, when you are lv 10 or so, you can only buy 145 fruits of talent at 80,000 gold, but when you are lv 50, you can buy 360 fruits of talent with the same quantity of gold.

Recommended Goods:
Except rune and gold, all white goods and Reputation (at any price) are worth buying.


Players can exchange diamond for gold directly in the Bank. The higher your level is, the more gold you can exchange.
So newbies will not have to be overhasty in exchanging gold. No matter what is your level, the exchange rate is really low, so low VIP players had better not waste your diamond. Exchange once a day to finish the daily quest is enough.


such a nice guide and yet i see the same questions (which are all answered here) being asked over and over and over every day every day....sigh. people too lazy to look for anything themselves nowadays


Admin can you give tips for cyclops players? Since you say it is the hardest class to play, some tips and advice would be very helpful... ty


If you don’t know how to fight, then how bad is your mood? So let’s learn the way to fight now.

I just love how they write on this Forum ^^

I just discovered this guide, because of the title,
maybe Change it to:
the Basic things about this game you really Need to know, before you start to play


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