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[Ann.] Castlot S2 to Launch on 1:00 Dec 18!

[Ann.] Castlot S2 to Launch on 1:00 Dec 18!

The 2nd server of military RPG "Castlot" will be launched on PST 1:00, Dec 18 with 16 exciting new server events. Join Castlot now and play with your friends!
GameBox Special Events:
Specail 1. Extra Purple Equipments for 1st Recharge
Duration: 1:00:00 Dec 18th to 23:59:59 Dec 24th
Description: Q
During the event, after you recharge any amount, you can not only get 1st recharge rewards but also the 2nd Caliburn and Crown of Avalon. Strengthen your hero!

1.        Extra rewards will be sent via in-game mail within 24 hours (weekday) after recharge.
2.        Contact GM if failed to get the rewards.
Specail 2. Hero Nurturing Project - Free Potions Given Away
Duration: 1:00:00 Dec 18th to 23:59:59 Dec 24th
To celebrate the launch of the new server, large amount of potion will be given away!

1.        There might be a delay in the time to send rewards, please be patient.
2.        Rewards will be sent via in-game mail.
3.        Contact GM if failed to get the rewards.
New Server Events:
Part 1. First Purchase Big Bonuses More>>
Detail: Buy 100 or more Diamonds at a time for the first time in the new server. Receive huge bonuses and become a VIP member!

Part 2. Special Recharging Offer More>>
Detail: Each time your one-time purchase of Diamonds reaches a certain amount, a Treasure Chest full of rewards will sparkle on your screen!

Part 3. Daily Login Bonus More>>
Detail: Log into the game and claim your free Magic Potions once every day!

Part 4. Online Gift Packs More>>
Detail: Stay online and receive the Gift Packs you deserve one after another! Can you hold on?

Part 5. Go for Higher Nobility More>>
Detail: Be stronger and faster! Advance to the required hierarchies and receive abundant rewards. Prove that you are worthy of your power and title!

Part 6. Strive for League Glory More>>
Detail: Members of the Top 3 leagues on the in-game League Ranking based on the city seizure score will get rewarded big time!

Part 7. Top Prizes for Top Ranks More>>
Detail: Fight against other players in Arena and ascend to the Top 10 on Challenger, Rival or Duelist! Fantastic prizes are waiting for you!

Part 8. Epic Hero Roster More>>
Detail: Want to achieve greater success? You need to recruit more Epic Heroes! Recruit the designated epic heroes and train them to Lv 30 or above! Epic rewards are within your reach!

Part 9. Forge Divine Equipment More>>
Detail: Enhance your equipment to the required levels in Smithy to prove yourself a worthy competitor! Winning the rewards is easy peasy!

Part 10. War Element Showcase More>>
Detail: Get edgy skills Mist Siege, Heal of God or Call of Dragon! Earn yourself powerful weapons as well as powerful rewards!

Part 11. Rosy Road to Glory More>>
Detail: Come embark on this Rosy Road to Glory and be the one that everybody looks up to in the world of wonder! Plus you can get tons of rewards along the road!
Part 12. A War of Grail Hunting More>>
Detail: Hunt for the Grail! Fight for honor! Plunge into the unprecedented Great Faction War between the Bright and the Dark!
Part 13. How to Train Your Dragon More>>
Detail: Feed your Dragon Dragon Fruits and it will grow faster than ever! Show us how good you are as a Dragon trainer and what kind of Dragon you are worthy of!

Part 14. Diamond Purchase Bonuses More>>
Detail: Make a ONE-TIME purchase of 100 Diamonds or more and you can get extra Magic Potions. Buy more and win more!


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