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[Announcement]Weekly Maintenance Update Log(Sep 28th)

[Announcement]Weekly Maintenance Update Log(Sep 28th)

Update Log (2014.9.28)

I. Updates Log (2014.9.28)
New Function
1.The brand new class-Mummy, which boasts
【Ancient Ritual】A unique summon skill
【Eternal Curse】A powerful magic that will inflict negative buffs upon the target
2.The 13th Chapter in the main line is unlocked:【Sky Sanctuary】
2.1.Purple Equipment:Purple Equipment Fragments will drop in Chapter 13,you can make purple equips by collecting certain amount of fragments.
3.The 11th Chapter of Elite Dungeon is unlocked:【Elite Heaven's Door】
4.New Wilderness Dungeons
Dungeons                                      Items
Lv85【Spiritual Church】               【Temple Legacy·Wings of Liberty】Lv80 Armor
Lv85【Expeditionary Force Camp】       【Temple Legacy·Shield of Justice】Lv80 Treasure
Lv86【Evil Spire】                     【Skeleton Mage】Lv90 Thunder Undead Servitor (Normal)
Lv87【Kingdom Arena】                  【Champion Fighter】Lv90 Fire Human Servitor (Elite)
Lv88【Glorious Hall】                  【Temple Legacy·Belt of Honor】Lv80 Belt
Lv89【Frozen Throne】                  【Arch Lich】Lv90 Ice Undead Lord Servitor
Wings of Liberty(Belt)
【Description】No Price(The item will be put under Special tab in Shop after it's sold)
Max HP+
Temple Legacy(0/3)
Wings of Liberty
Shield of Justice
Belt of Honor
【2/3】All Resistance+
【3/3】Skill level of Magic Resistance+
Shield of Justice(Treasure)
【Description】No Price(The item will be put under Special tab in Shop after it's sold)
Max HP+
HP Recovery Each Round+
All Resistance+
Temple Legacy(0/3)
Wings of Liberty
Shield of Justice
Belt of Honor
【2/3】Damage Absorption+
【3/3】Skill level of Defence Technique+
Belt of Honor(Belt)
【Basic】Max HP,Speed
【Description】No Price(The item will be put under Special tab in Shop after it's sold)
Fire Resistance+
Ice Resistance+
Thunder Resistance+
Umbra Resistance+
Temple Legacy(0/3)
Wings of Liberty
Shield of Justice
Belt of Honor
【3/3】Skill level of Speed Enhancement+
5.Optimized Character Skill
(1)Faerie:The effects of Astrology,Dance of Slaughter and Dance of Hatred have been enhanced.
The Max recovery of Chorus of Darkness has increased from 12000 to 20000.
The attributes of Trial of Shadow and Shadow Thunder have been changed to Umbra.
The effects of Shadow Bolt,Shadow Thunder,Trial of Shadow,Ultrasonic Wave and Dark Invasion have been enhanced.
6.The level of Hydra's Lair and Sacred Temple has been raised to 179, and new Blood Bead and Holy Relics will drop.

1.Divine Rune Optimization
(1)The bonus skill from Divine Rune Yell has been changed from Furious Attack to War Roar.
(2)The name of Divine Rune Shield of Illusion has been changed to Soul Spell,the bonus skill has been changed from Magic Barrier to Devour Soul.
(3)New rune Absolute Zero has been added.
Absolute Zero(Epic Rune)
【Inlay】Can be inlaid into any part.
【Attributes】The level of Frost Penetration + 1
2.Better rewards in Planar Wars.
3.Better rewards of time-limited instances in the weekend .
4.User-Friendly Operation :You can now directly return to World Map from Wilderness panel.
5.The prompt which occurs when the player runs short of diamonds in event shop has been optimized.
6.A reminder aura has been added when the player enters the treasure room in Devil Castle.
7.During World Boss period, the countdown button on main UI has been changed to Battle Cooldown.
8.The visual effects of Character Skills, Servitor Skills and Monster Skills have been optimized.

Bug Fixes
1.The bug of trainers in Arena has been fixed.
2.The bug in level-up button has been fixed.
3.The bug in the special effect when claiming library enlargement reward has been fixed.
4.The bug in World Boss reward icon has been fixed.
5.The display bug in Demonic Armor at highest level has been fixed
6.The bug in Gather button has been fixed.
7.The display bug of introductory text in Mobile version has been fixed.
8.The display bug of status icon in Mobile version has been fixed.
9.The various bugs in Human Invasion have been fixed.
10.Some equipment-related bugs have been fixed.
11.The display bug of player stats on Rank has been fixed.
12.The bug which prevents players from claiming Connsumption Rank rewards at 5:00 AM has been fixed.
13.The bug which causes Cheer Up status to expire after you re-enter the game has been fixed.
14.The display bug of Servitor Skills in Rank panel has been fixed.
15.The display bug of Escort quest on some mobiles has been fixed.
16.The freezing bug which occurs when the players chooses to sweep the dungeon has been fixed.
17.The erroneous description in Walkthrough has been corrected.
18.The bug in Heart of the World Tree has been fixed.
19.The bug of Thunder Resistance Aura has been fixed.
20.The bug in Dark Sanction buff has been fixed.
21.The bug in the resistance stats of crystal has been fixed.
22.The bug in Frozen status has been fixed.

Update Log (2014.8.8)

I. Updates Log (2014.8.8)
1.        Elite instance maps after Chapter 6 moved to grids outside treasure bosses. (Maps will be automatically activated if you have claimed rewards in treasure boss grids.)
2.        Demogorgon Dark Servitor skill Great Sacred Grid was adjusted as follows:
(1) Lv35 skill effect “Maximum Dodge +5%” changed to “Maximum active skills +1”.
(2) Lv40 skill effect “All Maximum Resistances +5%” changed to “Maximum passive skills +1”.
(3) Lv45 skill effect “Maximum Dodge +5%” changed to “Maximum passive skills +1”.
(4) Lv50 skill effect “Maximum Dodge +5%” changed to “All Maximum Resistances +10%, Maximum Dodge +10%”.
3.        Library can be extended to six floors. New skills added: Fire Realm, Frost Realm, Thunder Realm, and Umbra Realm.
4.        Additional effects of Holy Relics can be found in Demonic Aura description.
5.        Mephisto can be obtained by staying online for 2 hours on new servers. You can claim Mephisto by clicking the “Demogorgon” button in the main interface. (Players on old servers can also activate Mephisto in this way.)
6.        Optimized functionality when buying stackable items (such as event gift packs) and opening gift packs.
7.        Defeated enemies can be selected in Human Invasion.
8.        Adjusted Tower of Triumph event time to 9 am.
9.        Adjusted daily quests: Shortened the time required to complete daily quests and reduced their difficulty. Deleted some branch quests.
10.        Optimized equipment enchantment operations:
A. Drag to perform enchantment or remove Enchantment Essences.
B. Click enchantment slots to remove enchantment materials one by one; click the weapon to remove all Enchantment Essences on it.
11.        Adjusted World Boss mechanics:
A. Increased rewards earned from challenging World Bosses.
B. Increased Participation Rewards and Gold earned from challenging World Bosses.
C. Decreased Boss HP.
D. Extended Encouragement time to 5 minutes.
E. Adjusted some bosses as follow:
  a. Deathwing Neltharion: Decreased Magic Resistance.
  b. Trickster Kil'jaeden: Decreased Physical Resistance.
  c. Seraphim Commander Michael: Decreased Dodge.
F. Optimized Boss ultimate skill strategies.
G. Added phase rewards. All participants will get rewards when a World Boss’ HP is reduced to 80%, 50%, 20%, and 0%.
- Random common enchantment materials x10 and Flame of Creation x1 for 80% phase.
- Random common enchantment materials x20 and Flame of Creation x2 for 50% phase.
- Random advanced enchantment materials x10 and Flame of Creation x3 for 20% phase.
- Random advanced enchantment materials x20 and Flame of Creation x4 for killing a boss.
12.        Optimized final battle with bosses in Chapter 8-11, including animation effects, dialog, strategies, monster configurations, etc.
13.        Adjusted some VIP functions.
A. Blood Pact Quick Promotion function is now available for VIP2.
B. Holy Relic Quick Promotion function is now available for VIP4.
14.        New Event: Dark Servitor Vassals
A. For New Players: Mephisto will give new players a Bul-Kathos's Phylactery in which to keep Bul-Kathos’ soul after they enter the Peak of Arreat, Chapter 4-7. Click the item to summon Bul-Kathos, who will then join your formation. The Phylactery can still be used as a piece of character equipment. Of course, you’ll have to defeat the boss Bul-Kathos in Chapter 4-7 before capturing his soul. Bul-Kathos starts off as a common Dark Servitor, but if you collect every part of the Eternal King set, he will become the powerful legendary Eternal King! Old players can also participate in this event to experience the new storyline and features!
B. For Old Players: If you have passed the Peak of Arreat Chapter 4-7, you will get a Bul-Kathos' Phylactery as a login reward. Then, you need to defeat Bul-Kathos again in Chapter 4-7 to get the Eternal King's Soulcrusher. Defeat Stone Dragon in Chapter 5-1 to get the Eternal King's Forge and defeat the Crazed Foreman to get the Eternal King's Will. After you collect these three parts and pass Chapter 5-5, your common Dark Servitor Bul-Kathos will evolve into a permanent Dark Servitor Vassal!
  Check event details in the [Event] interface.
15.        Novice Guide
Optimized novice guide, including sound and various performance aspects.
16.        Added function descriptions.
17.        Optimized game sound.
A. Added sound to each operation.
B. Added BGM to elite instances and optimized BGM of mainline instances.
C. Added BGM to the following event instances (including mobile version): Anniversary Celebration, El Dorado, Spring Festival, National Day, and Christmas.
D. Added BGM to God's Realm and Tower of Triumph.
E. PC Client: Added BGM to Devil Castle and optimized BGM of The Sacred Temple.
F. Mobile Client: Added BGM to Devil Castle, Abyssal Trial, The Sacred Temple, and Hydra's Lair.
18.        Support the Inferno and counterattack heaven! The frontline is counting on you to supplies!  The Supply Escort event is now open from 9 pm to 9:30 pm every Friday. Players at Lv30 or above can participate in it. Every time you successfully escort supplies to the destination, you will be rewarded with a heap of Gold! The top three players who successfully finish the most escorts will get extra rewards!
19.        Added a game strategy system. Click the [System] button in the main interface to check game strategies.
20.        Opened Abyssal Trial Level 17 and 18. Powerful Dark Servitors and Linages await!
21.        Optimized skill descriptions for four penetration skills (Frost Penetration, Fire Penetration, Thunder Penetration, and Umbra Penetration). Added skill effect descriptions to physical skills which ignore Physical Resistance.
22.        Added a “Friend” function for player names displayed in system messages.

II. Bugs Fixed:
1.        Fixed a bug where there were sometimes two of the same opponent in the Tower of Triumph.
2.        Fixed a bug where Golden Souls were incorrectly consumed when upgrading Secret Bloody Assault, Body of Iron, Rampart Construction, and Explosive Expert. (Incorrectly consumed Golden Souls will be returned based on each player’s current status.)
3.        Fixed a bug where Linages added the “Epidemic” debuff to World Bosses.
4.        Fixed a bug where Enchantments didn’t affect a player’s Force.
5.        Fixed a bug where Dark Servitors’ physical skills were incorrectly affected by penetration skills.
6.        When upgrading Demonic Armor, consumption of Devil Metal is now correctly displayed.
7.        Heart of the World Tree can now be stacked in one item slot.
8.        When enhancing Totems, players are now correctly notified if they do not have enough Gold or Totem Fragments.
9.        Description when receiving Blood Bead smelting rewards is now correctly displayed.
10.        Demonic Aura is no longer affected by character’s Breach.
11.        When upgrading Holy Relics, the “Upgrade” and the “Upgrade with Diamonds” buttons are no longer highlighted at the same time.
12.        The Sign-in interface will not be displayed if you have already claimed 30-day sign-in rewards.
13.        The red spot on the gift pack icon is no longer displayed after daily sign-in rewards have been claimed.
14.        The talent upgrade button now correctly displays when a talent has reached its maximum level.
15.        The daily quest Activity reward description has been fixed.
16.        Daily quests are now correctly displayed when players log into the game at 5 am.
17.        The Soul Convergence button will no longer glow when players re-log into the game after daily free soul collection chances have been used up.
18.        7-day objectives for novices have been corrected.
19.        Players are no longer forcibly logged out after buying the default portrait.
20.        Erroneous function sounds have been fixed.
21.        The Quality of Demogorgon Dark Servitors now affects their Force.
22.        Fixed a bug where the button for claiming Demon Sculpture rewards was not hidden after all rewards were claimed.
23.        Fixed a bug where the novice guide was sometimes interrupted.
24.        Removed the mysterious number “1” from the event icon!
25.        “Insufficient Diamond” notifications should now be displayed correctly.
26.        Target number of Samael's Scorn Demonic Aura is now displayed correctly.
27.        Demonic Aura power is no longer affected by a character’s Ignore Resistances attribute, in the hopes of balancing PvP.

28.     Fixed a bug where the cooldown of Cheer Up and that of Holy Healing were incorrect.


Server will be under maintenance at 00:01 PDT 24th June. World Cup bug will be fixed


Updates Log (2014.6.13) :

Dear players,

To maintain the servers stability and finish the updates, there will be routine maintenance on June 12th/13th. It will probably last for 5 hours, we are sorry for the inconvenience it may cause.

Start Time:

Servers of US West: 23:00pm June 12th, server time

Servers of US East: 02:00am June 13th, server time

Servers of Europe: 07:00am June 13th, server time

Main function:
1. Optimization of event Tower of Triumph:
(1) the chance that you’ll fight against the player whose force is close to you is largely increased.
(2) You won’t be downgraded in the first 10 floors.
(3) From the 2nd floor, you can get one common chest on every floor and you can get one Gold chest every 5 floors.
(4) Either win or lose a battle, you can get some gold.
2. If you miss the Human Invasion event, you can consume 28 diamonds to finish it and you’ll get badges and finish daily quests.
3. The event World Boss is live.
(1)From 19:00 to 19:45, there will be one boss in the event scene.
(2) The boss changes every day.
(3) Challenge the World boss and you can get rewards according to your ranking.
4. The event World Cup is live:
(1) During the World Cup, you will see the icon in the event scene.
(2) You can bet on the matches every day. The rewards depend on your betting results.
(3) The rewards include gold and World Cup Signets. The signets can exchange for the following rewards.

First-class ticket (consumables)
[Use] Lv30 and above players
[Evaluation] No sell price (Can be found in the shop's [Special] page after being sold)

World Cup Trophy (Treasure)
[Basic]Physical Defense 567,Magic Defense 567
[Evaluation] No sell price (Can be found in the shop's [Special] page after being sold)
Damage Reflection +3000
Magic Defense+1000
All resistance+1000
Required Level -10

Hell Artisan(Fire)
[Evaluation] Force 7133
[Note] This is the guy in charge of constructing World Cup stadiums. He can use his building skills to gain the upper hand in combat.
[Attributes] Strength 75,Intellect 33,Agility 40,Stamina 58
[Talent ]Demon
[Lineage] Hell Artisan
[Skills] Hammer of Hell (Specialist), Fire Practice (Specialist), Fortification Construction (Specialist), Combat Enhancement (Specialist)
Fortification Construction: Passive skills, grants Iron Defense upon entering battle, Defense increase largely and lasts 2 rounds.

1.The image of the Grand Housecarl in El Dorado is changed.
2. The Demonic Aura Resistance of the Demonic Armor is effective to the Lucifer.
3. The images that you can buy are now have 2 periods of validity: 15 days and 30 days.
4. The icon of diamond pack is changed.
5. The backgrounds of the elite instances are changed.
6. The Slaughter of main and elite instances is quickened. Slaughter of event instance is now adjusted to directly pop out the window displaying the rewards.
7. The limit of the words that you can enter when chatting is 80 words.
8. You can now click just one time to enhance the totem to level10.
9. If two players successfully challenged the Demogorgon, the record will differentiate one from the other.
10. If the Miracle hasn’t been activated, its attributes shown to you are full.
11. The daily diamonds and weekly diamond rebate pack now have description.
12. The maps that activate the elite instances from Chapter 6 are moved to the outer space of treasure boss.
13. The skill Great Sacred Grid has been adjusted:
(1) Lv35 Maximum Dodge +5% is changed to Maximum Active Skills Learning+1
(2) Lv40 all Maximum Resistances+5% is changed to Passive Skills Learning+1
(3) Lv45 Maximum Dodge +5% is changed to Maximum Passive Skills Learning+1
(4) Lv50 Maximum Dodge +5% is changed to Maximum Resistance +10%, Maximum Dodge +10%.
14. The displaying effects for fighting the big bosses of chapter 2, 3 and 4 have been optimized.
15. The passive skill of the Witch’s Elemental Affinity is changed to ignore enemy Ice Resistance and Thunder Resistance.


so whensthis maint gonna end ?
when did it start?
any infos ?


Indeed, an ETA on the server maint would be great, also ive seen my micro client updating but it still doesn't let you login.

A server status icon on the website could help us alot regarding these type of situations.

Regards, Shyriu.


and the update log is....?



how come u guys only respond to money problems and not other problems ?? there are people missing items like astrals or even 39k insignias ? are u guys only interested in money cos if so u're doing it wrong  cos now thx to the lack of help from u guys and the many problems alot off people are quitting with wartune and i also noticed if we want to send an email regarding wartune there isn't an email anymore . for every game u have an emailadress except for wartune ? is this the way u guys are telling us to f*ck off ?


4h+ past and still not even info??


how much time has passed from this maintenance?



Seriusly no info about when realm are up it was supose to be 3 h and it is almost 5





just browse through the bugsection/fb page/fb group
you will see the client isnt working but you can play in browser


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