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【Free Events! 】Game Balance Suggestions Collected with Abundant Reward

【Free Events! 】Game Balance Suggestions Collected with Abundant Reward

Event Duration: 00:00,Jan.2nd----00:00, Jan.9th
Event Rang: All servers

Dear all Generals,
We've been receiving lots of suggetions on the game balance part regarding paying players and free players recently. Currently we are planing to adjust some game settings to re-balance the game. On hearing these thoughts, we decideded to collect some useful suggestions from you all  like, what you would like the game to add to make it more favorable to all than now.
You can share your opinion on what we should do to rebalance the game by replying this thread, and leave your character name and server under your reply (Players who gave the wrong name or server will be considered giving up the reward automatically).
We will choose the TOP 5 excellent suggetions entery and award each player 100 gold.
Players who are the first 10 to reply this post will each receive 50 Gold for the prize. If you are one of the first 10 players to give the suggestion, and are also one of the Top 5 suggetions, you are able to receive the two rewards together.

Suggestion Requirements:
1.Suggetions should be making sense and logical, based on your own gaming experience.
2.Players who spam the thread will be considered giving up his attendance to this event and gets no reward as a result.
3.Rewards will be sent within 48 hours after the event ends. Please wait patiently.

Gamebox Team
Gamebox Team Reserves all final explaining rights to this event.


One suggestion would be allowing free users to purchase the gold units at a higher level of the shop. Of course, at a later time than the gold purchaser could. (Example... purchase a grille at level 40 with gold, or level 50 with silver)

S-18 Baltimore


i would change the way you can use  protection , ie if you have occupied a players base you can not buy protection straight away this would allows us to hit player back

s20 oakland
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Something as easy as lowering the gold price of the VIP would make life much easier
for non spenders versus spenders.
You can earn 10 free gold a day, takes 99 for vip.last 7 days
need 10 days to earn the gold.if vip was 70, then could renew every week.
vip makes a difference.

S6 Wilmington


First of all, I would say that my English is very bad, so expect GM sympathetic and try to understand.

For people who have money and can not afford (or can not recharge conditions) can be the same player, I need to reduce the level of difficulty in the map down conditions (map 9 and 18 in each chapter - from the Operation Overlord). As at present, to overcome this hurdle, then the whole to cast spells, but where everyone is in a position to cast spells constantly.

Reduce the difficulty down a bit, so just use the player below 5 skill and equipment can usually pass (but is definitely harder many players use skill and equip gold) if you know how to use good tactics .

To me, that's just the game will become more balanced.

And the people who deposit more then everything will become easier than normal, but please do not turn this game into another race where money is being loaded. Let's return to its true value.


S8 - Maryland.


Gold units should have different stats that much so they can be defeated by free units, for example: a gold unit that has high attack but low stamina or defense.  Also the fuse success rate should be a little higher for blue or worse items and about 5% or less for purple set items in set fusion. As we have the campaign gold rewards so the VIP (7 days) should be reduced at most to 89 gold. And for final the Battle Items at the shop those which are B or less should be bought with silver, MR or even with EXP.
Name: Stefanos1377


Rebalance MR

Dear Admin,

i thought that all  most player faced the insufficiency of MR.
So,  in order to more useful i suggest to increase the capacity of MR.
Thanks & Best regards
S6- Paris


S4 - MrkurChase

I think most problematic to free players its the occupation and the lack of MR to accomplish all daily quests. Besides this most active free players (and low gold spenders)  start to have issues with attacking italy campaigns (64-66 maps).

1) I would simple abolish occupation plunder its more than enough.
2) Also fuse items are really hard to get maybe I would slightly increase the chance.
3) i would propose to allow to buy tech manuals with silver.
4) MR maybe you can allow 6h MR productions for free player but with lower production allowing many players to be more active.
5) Adjust maps to troops difficulty after operation Italy:
5.1) By tuning silver troops (increasing then) or creating new ones with higher RP (ranking points) requirements.
5.2) Continuation of this special events like Christmas RP were its much easier to get RP and some special troops.
5.3) Lowering some maps difficulty operation Italy and beyond Return to france are extremely hard


Name: Ken Khoo
Server: S26 - Paris

The difference in stats between VIP units and Normal units that can be recruited at around the same SHOP LEVEL is too HUGE. You may want to consider increasing the stats of Normal Units but you can increase the cost (silver) needed to recruit these units.


Trade System.

I think it would help if there was a trade system where players could trade units, equipment, skills, etc. between ourselves for gold, silver, mr, or exp.
S16-San Jose
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