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Guide: Trial Tower Boss Challenge

Guide: Trial Tower Boss Challenge

Here is a small video of me beating the Trial Tower Boss on floor 80 while only taking a single hit in the whole fight

In this Video you can see how easy it could be to defeat, even after the new hero system, any bosses on TT. The character, nor the heroes, needs to be particular strong for this. All of them merely need to be faster then the boss. This also involvs a bit of gold (atleast VIP 2 included the gold cost for "Mani").

you merely need the heroes "Jord", "Magni" and "Mani" for it. Its is possible to beat the bosses even without "Mani". But it will be alot tougher since the bosses will take down your party sooner or later.

In this battle, my party took 1 hit from the boss, because he was focusing my Lord from round 1. He only managed this, because his fury-reducting skill ignores the debuff "Silence" and "Buffle" which normale should prevent him from using this skill. (Possible bug only when the lord is being targeted)

*note* the video is not a HD version   so its a bit blurry, yet the battle is still good to see
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