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I Warned you all

I Warned you all

So a month ago i sent a mail into you guys saying following suit with youjoy and doing GL events and splitting your player base was a bad idea, i see with this new event it fell opon deaf ears again.

You see there is a huge majority that are just going to quit the game now as there is no point to it, those that can pay thousands are going to tear away and that leaves the rest of us to falter and loose everytime.

We all cant and wont spend thousands on a game that is truly based opon greed and that has been proved again by this, im sorry to vice out but someone has to.

You put up a post saying were always listening so your previously loyal players gave you brilliant ideas that would help and improve the game but yet there ignored was that an attempt to appease your players for a time and ignore them for a little longer or were you just gonna ignore anything we said in the first place.

To sum up THERE ARE ENOUGH THINGS IN THE GAME THAT REQUIRE GL why bring out anymore and to quote from the players ( This new event just ruined the game there is no point playing anymore)

All we asked for was a way to allow everyone to be as good as each other or at least closer, to bring out events that were free or needed coupons so all could benefit.

But i see that was a dashed hope

Please all post your thoughts here enough is enough they need to listen or this game will fail
Thank you all


i am honestly thinking of not playing anymore.  its not fair that every thing they come out with u have to pay for. like u said there is already ENPUGH for gl..
ENOUGH is ENOUGH, i know its a business as well but it is greedy.


I totally agree, this game has turned into the haves and the have nots.  I'm a have not and I'm not pleased by the fact that I'll have my butt handed to me by somebody who has the ability to buy gold leafs.  TOTALLY UNFAIR!  MAKE IT SO EVERYBODY IS EQUAL!   
doing a better job then GM's since 9/26/12


Well put.

This is Holmstein from S1, cant log into the forums on that account, or on my gfs account 6sixty6, both tell me invalid emails, so i speak on behalf of them as well, this neve improve concept, that you NEED goldleaf to keep stats, and basically hundreds of blue items, with the potential of getting a total of at most 15-20 a day, thats if you get all the drops in the world boss, and the other bosses when they spawn all drop blues as well as all blues from elfheim, and deep treasure.... This is a extremely bad aspect that has been added to the game. You just lost 3 more players right now right here due to this. I will not spend money on the game, as i have no money to spend. So how am i supposed to get these super stats? ive already seen players get 4-5k more rating in less then 2 hours, so much for all the work we have all put into this game. I think its too late to try and save the game now, and infact when the new players realize that they HAVE to spend money to play and be strong they will just quit, so i say good job on ruining a good thing by being greedy. Cheers *passes out the last round of cookies* Goodbye to all my friends


Thanks a lot  you have now ruined the game further, we are in a recession and yet you are still being downright rude and greedy.
greedy beyond believe all your adverts state this is a FREE game for all to play which is a down right LIE,
I thought i had found a nice game to play with all the aspects i wanted from a game including making some nice friends but unfortunately with all the greed for money via gold-leaf i am unable to progress within this game in a fair manor and so it has become impossible and boring to play the initial element has been lost.
you wanted in put from your players yet you ignore them all the responses are generic have a nice day happy hunting to name a few,people are sick of being fobbed off.
constant maintenance that just causes more problems glitches in game booting players off server,waiting days for a reply to a problem or being told well yes it is wrong but it don't interfere with your gaming experience and might be fixed at a later date.
well guess what WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG these are just a few things that do matter and you need to listen and sort them out NOW


i completely agree..making events that are geared only to gl players is completely unfair and ridiculous for a free to play game


Thank you all for posting i hope this feed gets plenty of support spread the word to all lets get the players backing and with some sort of miracle we may get listened to.




There is no point playing this game anymore.

Any and every event that revolves around GL, is gonna be won by one person.
city battle, arena, and any other in-game fighting event, will be won by one person.
the hackers on youjoy are going to be so pumped through the roof with their new stats, we have no hope in server battle..

What's the point in playing on a game where one person wins everything? 1 guy keeps getting stronger whilst the rest spend the next 2 years to catch up?

This really is a failure on the GMs part, you guys had a chance to balance the game, with gold, or coupon based events, or anything that didnt need GL, and you've missed it.

Even coming from a casher, this has gotten a bit ridiculous, do you know what it feels like to cash and see your own alliance members complaining about cashers and how its so unfair that everything is based around GL? I tell you now it's not a nice feeling..i try to do everything i can to help as many people as possible.
Enough is enough though, there is no balance in this game anymore, you've spent so much time and effort concentrating on keeping us cashers happy, and making sure we have new and improved stuff to get, you've forgotten about everyone else.

Soon you will have to merge all 4 servers together, and even then the game will almost be empty.
I've enjoyed my time in this game, and i've enjoyed talking to the GMs, they've always been there if i've asked.

But the majority of the game should come first, and right now, it's as if they don't even exist.

I know you can't take back what has already been done, but you have one chance to rectify the massive inbalance that is now ingame before everyone quits(including myself).

We all love this game, but at the end of the day..one guy having everything, isn't appealing, i've spent so much money and effort into this game..and right now i feel it was all for nothing, i'm now again so far behind the first ranked character..i feel like a level 1 newbie again.
I can only imagine how the other players feel, the ones who havn't cashed, who have worked twice as hard as myself..

GMs of OdinQuest, gamebox.com..the ball is in your court, show the players something, or half your player base is gone..



I agree..events that are geared only to goldleaf players is completely unfair.


Thumbs Up even i think it is coming too fast ! New event one after one ...


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