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I Warned you all

WoW copy much?

seems like you guys enjoy taking ideas from WoW...well...some of it, and this is another example of how the dev's steal ideas and cannot come up with new ways of introducing game play.  This is getting a little over the top, why not change the game to WoW2, because its defiantly not following the path that it could have. Which is what the players were expecting in the first place.  Whats next? This is exactly the kind of thing that keeps me from spending my hard earned cash on this game.  Greed will kill this game, it had great potential, but yet another WoW copy will drive away even more people. /clap, well done dev's.


Supposedly free game

well congratulations your personal greed has officially ruined what was a good thing. As a noncasher myself this is stupid. To All the casher's out GRATZ ya'll just took another game from us hope you enjoy it since there are so many of us who can't afford 2-3k aday to play and compete with ur stats.


Dear Game Devs,

You have ruined this game.  You seem only concerned with lining your pockets, without adding any real and viable content to the game.  You have destroyed any sense of teamwork, as people will now solo rather than group, in order to get more blues for themselves.  Encouraging greed and forcing people to spend real dough on a 'free' game is deplorable, and will be your downfall.
I suggest you run a rollback, refund all gl spent since the patch, and rethink your business strategy, before you have no remaining customer base at all~~




Thank you to those in this post who are keeping it classy. I understand this is a volatile topic and I appreciate everyone stating opinions without being crude.

I agree with the majority here. I don't blame the cashers. The cashers are just more able to spend money than the rest of us. I believe the GM's need to find a delicate balance between cash events and non. I wish them the best of luck and hope that the balance is found before the game fails.

Keep it classy OQ'ers!



really primus?

Primus....Its the cashers that keep this game you love going, it is in fact a business so you cannot blame them.  If you could afford it, you would do the same.  The people to blame is the dev's for making it such an unfair advantage and making it so that non cashers cannot compeate.  There lies the problem.  And you may wanna respect cashers a little more, cuz without them, there wouldnt be a game to play.


I also agree with everyone, it is not fair to those who cant afford to spend money, at least give the option to use in game gold instead of gold leaf, of course using in game gold might be at a higher rate but at least it will give non cash players a chance.

Thank you
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To all the S2 S3 ECT

I feel so sorry for all the dedicated s2,3 players out there if you thought things were bad before it just got a whole lots worse that balance thing you all referred to well it just got nuked then smashed and thrown in a massive deep hole and covered over, don't blame the cashes of the game it isn't there fault the GMs feel the game should be made for them and it isn't there fault they decide to spend and improve great for them if we all could im sure we would.

I have spent a load on this game also but no more like i said if only to make the game better for the more unfortunate i will stop playing this game, if a solution isn't  found.

Good luck to you all


Btw to the casher's out there I'm sorry i know its not your fault i'm just bitter about the game gearing to those who can afford it. Meanwhile we free players are left to suffer and go unheard or uncared about. So again to you all i apologize bad wording on my part i let my frustration get to me.


I sure they understand i know i do, as others have posted this was advertised as a free game with the option to cash not if you wanna keep playing and win anything pay us.. i know they have bills to pay but its just unfair to you all so goodbye to all those that have had enough you will be missed


Original postis delivered byXortoth at 2012-12-04 06:48 There is no point playing this game anymore.

Any and every event that revolves around GL, is gonna be won by one person.
city battle, arena, and any other in-game fighting event, will be won by one person.
the hackers on youjoy are going to be so pumped through the roof with their new stats, we have no hope in server battle..

What's the point in playing on a game where one person wins everything? 1 guy keeps getting stronger whilst the rest spend the next 2 years to catch up?

This really is a failure on the GMs part, you guys had a chance to balance the game, with gold, or coupon based events, or anything that didnt need GL, and you've missed it.

Even coming from a casher, this has gotten a bit ridiculous, do you know what it feels like to cash and see your own alliance members complaining about cashers and how its so unfair that everything is based around GL? I tell you now it's not a nice feeling..i try to do everything i can to help as many people as possible.
Enough is enough though, there is no balance in this game anymore, you've spent so much time and effort concentrating on keeping us cashers happy, and making sure we have new and improved stuff to get, you've forgotten about everyone else.

Soon you will have to merge all 4 servers together, and even then the game will almost be empty.
I've enjoyed my time in this game, and i've enjoyed talking to the GMs, they've always been there if i've asked.

But the majority of the game should come first, and right now, it's as if they don't even exist.

I know you can't take back what has already been done, but you have one chance to rectify the massive inbalance that is now ingame before everyone quits(including myself).

We all love this game, but at the end of the guy having everything, isn't appealing, i've spent so much money and effort into this game..and right now i feel it was all for nothing, i'm now again so far behind the first ranked character..i feel like a level 1 newbie again.
I can only imagine how the other players feel, the ones who havn't cashed, who have worked twice as hard as myself..

GMs of OdinQuest, ball is in your court, show the players something, or half your player base is gone..


i agree with everything here. well put Xor!

this game is headed down the paths a lot of other games have taken, one example of a game that is a failure because of this is Shaiya, just take a look at them. the people who pay thousands of dollars to play are yes very uber, but people who have little money or cant pay are extremely weak. A lot of people quit playing shaiya because of the same reasons i see on this game.
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