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I Warned you all

I understand the desire to make money is obviously more appealing than your customer base at this point, however you are soon to have no customer base left except the few people who can afford to blow thousands of dollars on a browser game with recycled graphics from other games and the same exact day to day grind with absolutely no real NEW content, just constantly recycled concepts.

The only thing that has kept me playing through all the greed of the developers and company thus far is the people that I have met and connected too and now you are chasing them off as well. Congratulations for completely demolishing the bit of good that was left in this game. It looks like this will probably be goodbye. For those of you who can afford to pay thousands of dollars; enjoy. There are a million better ways to spend your money, and billions of people on this planet who actually need it rather than greed monger game developers who have their heads shoved so far up their behinds they can't even see the pile of crap they just dumped on their loyal players.

Good job listening to the pleas of YOUR customers, begging you not to kill this game that we've all stuck with even through all the "technical difficulties", and greed, and instability!


well guess what no amount of reducing moon stones in shop is gonna help, i mean knocking off 3 gold-leaf off the original price is not a discount.
you need to listen to the majority we require more tasks and events and be able to buy more stuff with gold and coupons NOT GOLD LEAF.
We feel you have seriously neglected your loyal players just for more money,money people don't have we have kids on here who cannot pay to the game as their parents wont pay for it and a load of adults who cannot afford to pay as they have families or very little money.
You are going the same way as other games where they got too greedy they not only lost the players the game crashed and burned and they also lost their reputation as word got around.
You have not set a good example with a load of mistakes you have made advertising something that's not what you get,stating you are a free game when in fact you can not play properly unless you spank loads of money a day to get on in the game let alone compete with others.
these are just a few complaints i have heard and to be honest its been from more than 1 person so that to me proves you do not listen to people or else you would have done something about correcting  them.
you have ample opportunity to correct things as every week we have maintenance  if not twice or more.but yet again after another down time we come back to the game and more destruction has been done not corrections.
you guys need to come back to reality and quickly instead of looking at everything through rose colored glasses


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I totally have to agree with everyone about the downside of this game is that everything is mainly aim to get money. What fail in this game is that the Gm aren't trying at all to balance the free players to the paying players at all in this game. Which makes me question myself, that are you guys really trying to do anything for everyone or just those that allow you to rake in money. As a GM myself for another game, you guys really are lacking a lot from helping everyone that are free and paying.Hopefully you guys can try to come together as a group and improve this game for everyone to benefit or prepare for the game to lose its players that are free and those that are paying as well.


this is fucked

no im not going to apologise for swearing people were getting so close in stats with a few uber players now those uber player with money to spend are going to be immpossible for free players to catch way to fuck up a good game with greed looks like most will be finding new game to play or just all go to youjoy GL hacks sounds good right now


I see there is much support for this problem still try to spread the word to those that are left, this game needs massive changes a shift away from GL and more toward those who cant pay.

Thank you all who posted or spent the time to read

I just hope this isn't the end of this Game



its hard enough for me in odin quest, i take care of my mom and my grandparents so this is my only source of intertanment and i have no money to buy gold leaf. alout of my friends buy gold leaf and they even think its not fair for the rest of use who cant aford to buy gold leaf. u need events for the people who cant buy gold leaf


I agree i have almost completely stopped playing this game because there is no way to catch up to the cash players. It's ridiculous thanks for killing a good game.


To All Players,
We want to let you know that we release the new events and functions are to help players.
No matter what kinds of events and functions online, there are always good for some players and other players may think unfair from their side. We are sorry that this issue brings so high attention about the unbalance thing which is actually not real since you still haven’t played the new system. You will find the good benefits and advantage from it, no matter paid or unpaid players. We hope you can have a good review of the new functions and participate in them to share the great achievement.
Anyway, we still appreciate for your great support and ideas which make us with aware thinking about everything. Please enjoy the new system according to your own account situation. You must not believe an exparte statement. You are thinking and strong-minded player, aren’t you?
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the new function!

Good luck and have a nice day!
Odin Quest Team


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