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New Version Preview

New Version Preview

Dear players,
New year, new start! We are proud to announce that the brand new version of GoG will be launched on January 21st.
Many new features are added:

Rank and Title: In the new version, reputation won’t influence your level, but appear as one special material. As your reputation points accumulate, you can get a
    position  and generous rewards.

Rome Elder: When your position reaches a certain level, you have right to compete for the ‘Rome Elder’. Elected ones will get surprising equipment and rewards.

Mystery Garden: When you have strong gladiators and power to rule Rome, how can your harem still be empty? Mysterious women will come to your garden. Whether marry them or treat them as Mistresses, it’s all up to you.

Forge: Equipment are no longer used only to level up but can also be extracted and then forged to make new equipment.
Various events: we will gradually add various challenging events through which you can get important items quickly.

We have also made many optimizations in the new version:

 The graphics are optimized and you can easily know the influences that the equipment’s attribute may cause to battles.

 We have greatly improved the skill tree: new class related skills are added and skill learning and enhancing are largely changed. The skills in the new version highlight the unique character of the class.

 The new version is more balanced, thus gaming experience is better.

 UI is better. For example, the icon of Training School was in the city before, but now in the Homestead. We’ve listed some important breakthrough and optimization above.

For more new features, please enter the game!

Best Wishes

GOG Team


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