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The Ultimate & Most Effective GoldLeaf Guide!

The Ultimate & Most Effective GoldLeaf Guide!

Greetings All

Today i am here to write about how, when, and where to spend GoldLeaf in the game of OQ.

First off i will cover a few basics;

What is GoldLeaf?
GolfLeaf is a 'special' currency, that you can acquire either by recharging(paying RL money), or winning certain events in the game.

Where or How do i Recharge?
You can recharge via the green 'Leaf' symbol in the upper right of the screen.

How much will it cost me to recharge?
Currently there are ten(10) different options you can choose from, ranging from $5-$1000 USD. Here is a look at the different recharge options below.

Now that we've covered the basics on how to recharge, lets move onto the how, when and where.

Before i get into the nitty gritty of the various places, ways and times to spend your GoldLeaf. I would like to explain the VIP function.
VIPI, VIPII and VIPIII can be purchased through the general shop, but it also has it's own little icon in the bottom right of your screen.

Once you've decided you want to become a VIP player, you have your GoldLeaf and you're rearing to go, you will click on this VIP icon as shown above.
This opens up a new window, explaining the bonuses you get from each VIP, the cost of each VIP, and the duration of the VIP.

With this new window open, you can scroll through each VIP card, and check to see what bonuses you will obtain from it when(or if) you decide to buy.

In my opinion it is highly recommended to atleast obtain VIPII, or if you can afford it(or if you wait for it to come on special) snap up a VIPIII card.
Not only does this give you unlimited littlewings to teleport whereever you like, it also allows you remote access to the drug store(to buy potions), alliance donation,
and your personal storage, it is HIGHLY convenient and makes the game a lot easier to play. It also gives the best boosts to your characters enhancing, exprate,
and gives you three(3) chances to refresh the mystery shop for FREE.

Now that I've explained the joys and perks of VIP, lets move on to the nitty gritty stuff!

There are four(4) key areas in the OQ to spend your precious GoldLeaf.

1: The Mystery Shop(Blue)
2: The Treasure Hunt(Red)
3: The General Shop(Green)
4: Accumulative Recharge Packs & Other Various Events

The first three of these are located on the right side of the screen. The Fourth will be explained further down.

Lets start with the Mystery Shop.

The Mystery Shop, is exactly what it's name implies, a mystery.
This shop houses items not normally found in the General Shop and everything found in here, costs GoldLeaf.
Not to fool you, this shop also houses regular items that _are_ found within the general shop, but at a slightly lower cost to the buyer.

When you first click on the MS icon, you will be met with one of two screens.

I have highlighted the area where you can toggle between these two windows in MS for your convenience.
The first screenshot you see, displays to you the items that you may find in the MS. As you can see there is a fairly large array of items that will appear.
Some of these items, are to boost your character, in the form of enhance stones, star stones, and also stones to increase your stats and your resists.
Other items that may appear, are purely to boost your pets, generic pearls, holy pearls, pearl packs, junior and senior luck stones,evolution stones
and even perfect evolution tokens!

The second screenshot, is the items that are appearing currently in your MS.
These items(if available in the general store) are slightly less in cost, but there are also some rare items that will appear in here, that will greatly boost your character,
and your pets power.
One 'rare' items from the mystery shop is level 5 - 8 luck crystals.
These will help you upgrade your gear for their respective levels without fail.
IE: Your sword is level 4, you have a level 5 luck crystal. Put a level 1 enhance stone in place, with your level 5 luck crystal, voila. Never Fails!

At the bottom of the second screenshot, you can see your goldleaf, and an option to refresh the shop. If you aren't a VIP player, unfortunately this is where some more cost will come
in it for you, it will cost 10 goldleaf to refresh the shop each time.
Each level of VIP gets 1 free refresh more than the one below.
VIPI - 1 free refresh
VIPII - 2 free refresh
VIPIII - 3 free refresh
These refreshes reset at 00:00 with the game server.

It is highly recommended that players check the Mystery Shop daily. It can give your character MAJOR boosts, and give you a good edge over your opponents.
I highly recommend buying luck crystals, stat enhance stones, and enhance & star transfer tokens. These will give you a major boost in power, not only by
enhancing your gear faster, but also boosting your stats. Also with using the enhance & star transfer tokens, your gear will not drop enhance levels when
transfering to your new gear.
You do not need to spend gold leaf buying enhance stones, and star stones, as there are multiple ways of obtaining these in game, your goldleaf is better spent elsewhere.
Also don't be suckered into buying pet enhancing items too often, again, these are easily obtained elsewhere and given time your pet will be strong anyway.

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The Ultimate & Most Effective GoldLeaf Guide! Continued

Next on the agenda(and also one of my favorites) is the Treasure Hunt!

The Treasure icon is located in the bottom right corner, near the VIP and General Shop items.
When you click on the treasure icon, a window will pop up, with 2 sub menus inside it.
One is "Ancient Ruins" and the other "Warrior Grave".

Lets start with Ancient Ruins.

As you can see from the screen shot, this is basically a 'treasure hunt'(as its name implies). There are various rewards obtained from doing these hunts, however the
main objective imo is to obtain level 50 purple equipment from here.
As you can see, you can choose to hunt once, ten times, or fifty times. You will find random things each hunt you use and if you are lucky, you will snag those level 50 purples.
Everything you find in these treasure hunts, will be moved to the 'deposit'(see screenshot above for location of button to press) you can look in here at any time between hunts
to see what is in here, and to take stuff out as you go along.

It isn't a requirement to gain the level 50 purple gear from here, nor is it something i would ask you to do. There is other level 50 purple equiptment that is gettable in the game but you will have to put a lot of time and effort into getting them.
I suggest for now, only making a few hunts to see if you get lucky, but primarily i would save my GoldLeaf for something else, or alternatively, save it for the other option!

The Warrior Grave.

Here, you can see the rewards for hunting are a lot better than those from ancient ruins, but at a price..it will now cost more goldleaf to hunt in here.

It is highly recommended that if you are able, to hunt in Warrior Grave until you obtain a FULL level 72 purple set, it is currently the best gear the game has to offer as far as a sword, helmet, armour and shoes goes.
Obtaining this set will give you a MASSIVE boost over your rivals, and propel you forward quickly in the war of the player ratings.
Not only does it help you to stay strong, it also gives you an advantage in events such as arena, world boss, city battle and the likes.
The other rewards you obtain from hunting your level 72 purple set will also boost your power, enhance stones, star stones, senior luck tokens, and runes to inlay into your
gear are highly valuable, and should be kept and used wisely in your attempt at world domination.

Now lets head over to the General Shop.

Just a reminder, the Shop is located in the bottom right corner of the game, near the treasure icon and the vip icon.
This is basically the 'general' shop of the game, but it houses some rather unique things at the same time.
Here, you can buy potions, enhance items, soulblades, pets and pet items, skins etcetc.
Usually every maintenance in the game, the lovely GMS put items on special, which show in the right hand side of the shop menu, i suggest buying VIPIII, Mounts, Pets, Rune Packs and anything else that can enhance your gear when they are on special.
A lot of the time, you will rarely spend GoldLeaf here, but i suggest buying a fast mount, a strong pet and a VIPIII when its on special(which as you can see from the screenshot, it currently was whilst writing this).
It is also recommended, that once you start reaching higher levels, you should ALWAYS have a good skin to use, the 8% boost the best skins give is a MUST if you wish to stay competitive.

Last but not Least, Accumulative Recharge & Other Various Events.

To get to this window, whilst in game press 'G' and then click on the 'bonus' button.
Occasionally, there will be an Accumulative recharge event, where, all your goldleaf that you recharge, is all added up, and you can win various packs of prizes.
Currently there isn't an accumulative recharge event going on, so i cant show you the layout of the rewards etc. But the rewards from these events are usually pretty epic quality.
Usually the gear obtained through these events last 15-20 levels because they are of very high quality. These items will give you a MAJOR advantage over the rest of the players
who can not(or choose not to) participate.

As you can see from the screenshot, we currently have a 'turkey racing' event going on, which requires you to spend goldleaf and you get to 'race' your turkey a little.
In this particular event, it has 4 stages before the finish line, each stage yielding bigger and better rewards. This is only just one of the weird whacky and qwerky events that we get
here in OQ, but like the accumulative recharge packs, these events normally yield very nice, high quality gear, along with other small, but valuable items to make you grow stronger.

Times like this is a good time to spend any GL you have been saving up, if you are one of the few people to get the rewards(or all of the rewards) you can concentrate on upgrading just a few pieces of gear, rather than chopping and changing every 5 levels. This is where the advantage comes in of winning these events and bonuses.

Let's Summarize!

If you REALLY want to become a strong and powerful player in OQ, you just need to follow these few simple points in spending your GoldLeaf

Level 72 Purple Gear/Upgrade Items From Hunting
Luck Crystals
Event/Recharge Equips
Fast Mount
Strong Attack/Defence Pets
Buying Stuff On Special
Enhance and Star Transfer Tokens
Always Have A Good Skin Available To Wear

At lower levels having VIP will REALLY boost your experience gain, and help you rocket up the levels to help you become stronger a lot faster. People will argue that with levelling
faster, your equiptment enhances will fall behind, but this is where hunting in the treasure hunt comes into play, the enhance and star stones you get from hunt will counter-balance
your fast levelling, and allow you to enhance your gear as per normal. If you have luck crystals available to you, this also counterblances the epic experience you will be making.
The strong pets you acquire will also help you along in petcomm if you participate, you may not come first, but finishing in the top 20 still yields rewards to help improve
your pets, so theres no need to waste goldleaf buying pet improve items.
Buying stuff on special is a GREAT way to not only save GoldLeaf on something you want, or need, but it's also a good way to make EXTRA GoldLeaf, by re-selling once the sale has ended.
Which means you have even more GoldLeaf to participate in other events, or spend on other things you require.
Using enhance and star transfer tokens will prevent your enhance level from dropping when transfering enhance levels to your new equiptment, which means you wont be wasting
more stones trying to re-upgrade them again.
A good skin is a MUST in this game, the boost you get at higher levels is immense, and if you are found without one, you could be made an easy target from other higher level
players who also use GoldLeaf.

I hope this guide helps you in understanding what and where everything is, and the best places and things for you to spend your GoldLeaf on to help you become a top player in OQ!
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Awesome guide Xor. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this!


Hi Xortoth,
Thank you so much for your effort and willingness to share such good resourceabout how, when and where to spend GL!
This is amazing! Please do accept our sincere appreciation and sure we believeother players will also thank you.

Have a nice time!


wow!!! awesome xortoth! wish i have seen this earlier  


Wow pretty much covered the core points. Thanks for the great guide ,this would help me a loooot !


But i have one question, is it necessary to get a storm panda pet ? or it's ok as long as i have a attack9 pet?No matter what pet it is ?



I myself don't have or use a storm panda pet, but i have come up against a lot of them in petcomm, and they do hold a slightly higher attack power that most.
I guess it really depends how much edge you want in petcomm, most(atleast blue) pets with attack 8-9 still work quite well.


very cool xor glad i could help a lil looks good


bump, note to mods, pinning topic would be awesome ;)
doing a better job then GM's since 9/26/12




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