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NEW【Introduction of Improvement &Inheritance】

NEW【Introduction of Improvement &Inheritance】

Introduction of Improvement & Inheritance

There are 2 new functions in GW, one is Improvement and the other one is Inheritance. The former one is to improve the basic attribute of troops, the later one is to inherit improved attribute and troop level.

1. Improvement

This is one of the ways to improve troops’ attribute to enhance their ratings. There are 4 attribute can be improved: ATK, DEF, STA and CRIT rate. You need to spend silver, MR and gold to improve them. The higher your member level is, the better ways with higher success rate you will be able to use. The improved attribute is random. You need to create your dream troop attribute in a proper way.

2. Inheritance

When you want to update troops, you can inherit the improved attribute of old troops to new troops at a certain cost and it also concerns your member level.


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