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NEW【Effects of Blessings】

NEW【Effects of Blessings】

Effects of Blessings

There are 3 kinds of BUFF to increase ratings in GW:

1. Battle blessing
This blessing is quite useful. When you can’t pass the progress due to your weak ratings, the system will enhance your ratings to help you pass it. The BUFF will be accumulated till you successfully pass the progress. Once you pass the progress, the cumulate buff will be cleared. You have to face another hard progress.

2. Alliance blessing
Same as battle blessing, alliance blessing will enhance ratings when defeated. But it is only valid in land rush.

3. Gold inspiration
In the land rush, players can use gold to add BUFF to enhance the ratings of the whole alliance. This buff will not be cleared but cumulated. That’s to say, you can spend gold to increase the ratings until it reaches 100%.


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