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NEW【Practical Formation Types】

NEW【Practical Formation Types】

Practical Formation Types

1. General Type
(as the pic)
This is a typical general type. Two tanks, two troops of artillery and one infantry. This kind of formation has both good ATK and good DEF. Tanks can share much damage to protect artillery. But the weakness is rather obvious: 1 infantry is not enough for searching and attacking enemy artillery. You can just kill the enemy artillery before your infantry is killed. Many players choose this type of formation because it can deal with almost every enemy.
Infantry plays a crucial role in the general type because it needs to search for enemy troops, kill artillery and keep alive. Therefore, when you choose infantry, you’d better look for one with high MOVE, VIEW and STA. Of course, you can equip a good general if possible.
Two tanks can be set as 2 defensive tanks or 1 defensive tank and 1 offensive tank.
As for the artillery, you just need to focus on their power and range.

2. Double Infantry Type
(as the pic)
The formation of two infantry, two troops of artillery and one tank has great advantage against the formation of more than two troops of artillery. You can use the infantry to find enemy rapidly and destroy enemy artillery. But def of this formation is not that good. If you can’t destory enemy artillery, you will be under destructive attack.
This formation requires high MOVE and ATK of the 2 infantry, because is you can’t destroy enemy artillery rapidly, you can wait to die. If your comprehensive power is strong, you can consider to buy a AOE infantry with high ATK.
(as the pic)
As you can choose only one tank, you can choose one with high def to protect fragile artillery as a second line.
As for the artillery, you can choose two with high ATK to kill enemy artillery with infantry in the first round.

3. Triple Artillery Type
(as the pic)
This formation is typical kind of violence. You can own super power and kill 1 to 2 troops in the first round. But the weakness is its low def. If your first attack is not that powerful, the coming kickback of enemies will definitely give you a hard blow.
Infantry needs to have high VIEW and enough STA because it will offer view to and bear damage for the 3 back artillery.
The tank needs to have high def and enough STA because it needs not only to replace infantry when it’s killed and attack enemy infantry, but also bear damage for artillery.
The only requirement for the 3 artillery is ATK. It’s even better if they have sound RANGE.

4. Type of Double Infantry & Double Tanks
(as the pic)
This formation is specially against enemy formation with many artillery. It is only suitable for a prolonged battle.

1. infantry*1, tank*2, artillery*2
Virtues: a combanition of attack and defense, good in maps and instances
Defects: it is easy to be involved in being kicked back
2. infantry*2, artillery*2, tank*1
Virtues: good view, good attack
Defects: relatively low defense, not good in instances
3. artillery*3, infantry*1, tank*1
Virtues: powerful atk, high success rate in 1v1, good in instances
Defects: low defense
4. infantry*2, tank*2, artillery*1
Virtues:good for a prolonged battle
Defects: weak attack, weak in maps and instances


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