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NEW【Quick Level-up Methods for Newbies】

NEW【Quick Level-up Methods for Newbies】

Quick Level-up Methods for Newbies

If you want to level up quickly in GW, I can suggest you to do the followings:

1. Buy VIP. If you are a veteran, you should have known the importance of VIP. You can obtain 25% more resources and 4 more idles than other players.

2. Enhance the ratings of units.
Spend 299 gold buying a Flame Truck . This truck can be used till you are level 35. However, it is not recommended to buy mortars due to their low performance-to-price ratio. Vickers 6-Ton  is a good tank to bear attacks. And then buy a pounder  to attack. Owned these troops and level them up, you can go to conquer the map if you have enough battle chances. After using up all battle chances, you can upgrade your HQ and then go to the hero instances of lv 12-17 and lv 17-22. There will be cool equipment dropping in these instances. Also, you can finish quests to upgrade at a quicker speed.

3. If you’ve used up the battle chances and instance chances, you can upgrade your equipment to increase your total ratings. Then you can go to Arena to have a good rank.
Pay attention to the relationship among these three troops.
[Infantry] AGAINST → [Artillery] AGAINST → [Armor(Tank)] AGAINST → [Infantry]
The arena will decide your rank. If you can be top 3, you will get rich rewards!
This will speed up your journey to level up. Meanwhile, you can challenge other players. After defeating him, you can choose to plunder or occupy.
If you choose to occupy, you can get part of his levy income every time he levies. Isn’t it cool?

4. Constructions are of great significance. When you do other things, don’t forget to upgrade your constructions.
Level of tax office and cottage  will determine your levy income. Combat center will decide the highest level of your troops. Arsenal will decide the highest level of your equipment. MR Factory will provide you MR.
Never stop MR production and training. They are important resources for you.

After the first day, you will probably reach lv 20. Don’t promote rank too early because it will cost you too many resources. You can promote is after finishing the whole day’s quests. Don’t forget to receive rewards every day after promotion.

5. Here are some tips for you:
When you upgrade cottage, you can leave a low leveled one and don’t upgrade it. When you do daily quests, there will be a quest to upgrade any constructions 5 times. Then you can finish it quickly.
After finishing the day, use up all your silver because others may plunder your resources!
When you prepare to have a rest, click the 8-hour MR production and training. In this way, you can have 8-hour resources when you are offline.
If you have enough silver, you can buy white equipment and put them in the storehouse. When you need silver, you can sell them. Meanwhile, if you are lack of silver, you can sell some frags you don’t need.
If you have any other good ideas, don’t forget to tell me.

6. Upgrade your HQ in the second day because its level determines your character level and the maximum level of all the rest constructions.

Continue to conquer the map and upgrade other constructions. When you used up all your battle chances, try hero instance for lv 22-27. There will be really amazing blueprints in this instance.
If you can’t finish the instance, just ask for cooperation. This instance will be the hardest instance you may encounter. If your troops can’t make it, you can buy a 38 SPG.
Look at its fantastic attribute! Then you can choose Bison or MK II Matilda. (as the pic) as they are AOE artillery. As for the tank, you can choose Panzer II.
Of course if you have enough gold, you can choose BTSV.
If you’ve obtained blueprints and enough trophies, here comes the amazing part! Go to fuse them, never hesitate.
Although it will cost some gold, it is worthy because this equipment can be useable until you reach lv 50. When you collect 2 pieces or more pieces, the value of the set comes out. It will make you stand out! So your goal is to collect 6 pieces!

7. Just as what you did in the first day. Keep your rank in the arena and don’t forget to upgrade your constructions.

8. Then I’ll talk about the troops you can choose. I mean good troops I’ve experienced.

When you are about lv 30, you will have to own a Flame-Panzer III for its cool ATK, DEF and MOVE.
As for artillery, it is recommended to choose QF 6 Pounder for its powerful fire.
As for the infantry, you can choose Generic Jeep.
But if you want your infantry with super attack in distance, you can choose QF25.

If you reach lv 35, you can deploy 5 troops! You can create your formation according to your taste. My suggestion is not perfect, but you can take this as a reference. Among 5 troops, I will choose 1 infantry with high HP and high VIEW. It can move quickly and have a better view. As for tanks, I will choose 1 with great defense and 1 with great attack. As for artillery, I will choose 1 with high ATK and 1 with high AOE damage.

If you reach lv 40 or almost 50, you can buy Churchill II.
This is a defensive tank with high STA and ATK. MK II Matilda is also good, but it has really low ATK.
If you want a tank with high ATK and RANG, you can shoose M7 Priest.
As for the artillery, you can choose Grille as it is AOE.
You can choose 1 from GP Jeep and AA Vehicle as your infantry.

When you are among lv 50-60, you are recommended to own AB1. It’s STA can explain everything.  
Artillery recommendation: Marder or Tornado.
If you want a defensive tank, you can choose M3 Grant. If you want a generic tank, you can choose Crusader.

When you are about lv 60-70, you’re recommended to buy Bren Carrier as your infantry.
As for tank, you can choose Churchill for its super high STA and DEF. It is hard to be destroyed.
As for artillery, you can choose Hetzer or Jagdpanzer IV.

When you are about lv 70-80, you can choose Assault MG Troop as your infantry. It has high VIEW and STA.
If you want a powerful infantry, you can choose M30.
As for tank, you can choose Panzer VIII or Panther. When you are about to reach lv 80, you can choose IS Tank and Tiger I.
The Panzer VIII is strong in attack but weak in defense. Panther and IS Tank both have good defense. Tiger I is relatively balance in every attribute.
Panther SPG and M4 Sherman Calliope are really popular for their high ATK.

When you get lv 80-90, you can choose M24 or if you want to have the infantry with high ATK, you can choose Immergrun or B16 Howitzer.
As for tank, you can choose defensive Crocodile. It is a good shield to bear damage when it has super DEF.
If you prefer high STA, you can consider M26 Pershing or T54 Prototype.
As for artillery, you can choose B4M for its high ATK. Meanwhile, GW-E has high STA and ATK, you can take it into consideration.

When you reach lv 90-100, you can buy Puma for its high STA or MKII Lord for its relatively high ATK.
I’ll only choose Maus as my tank! Who doesn’t want one?!
As for artillery, I will choose Katyusha or Sturmtiger. Katyusha has cool RANGE while Sturmtiger has super STA. it depends on your choice. Jagdtiger is also good for single attack due to its high atk and def.



my friend is a heavy coiner and lvl 100,have crocodile and maus,he said he cant complete his campaign,why???

why the hell u need to create 80+ server with just 1 GM?


Suggest Admin do it, then post Video for our learning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ADMIN, DARE YOU DO IT? Starting to 80.


Yes, do it the free way. No gold units. No recharge allowed   

Show us the video how we can pass from lvl 75 to 100.
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Where is Admin????


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