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Not Worth playing anymore

Not Worth playing anymore

First of all wanna say thx to the devs for punishing me and deleting all my + stats on gear ( and btw u said we gonna get 500k gold ..i just got 100k)

Just a joke how u could call this a bug..its was actually an exploit..and a stupid mistake of the devs(and to punish that peepz that have been smart enough to look into the invetory and figure out that u can sell quest items for 5k) U call it a nessasary wipe because Game balanced got destroyes !!

But actually the game balanced is destroyed allrdy to the fact that non-cashers wont have any chance to stay competetive anymore!!!!

1. Why the hell we cant still decide which glad we want to have in the begging ???not everyone want a sec...

2 Why are there just leg.sec wepp as rewards...game goes straight towards sec again

3.THAT CRAFT SYS IS THE WORST EVER !!!!Why did u change the crafting system..now its just for dummies..every glad looks the same..U cant craft special gear anymore to stand at least a chance against Cashers that dont know how to craft gear for a glad or dont know which skills are important on a glad...no now they even can get the mats more easier!!!!

4.Why are titles not reachable for all Players???? do u rly think a single person will pay 1mio gems...Maybe yes Human-Mankind is mad enough!! or a non-casher can give the acc to the child of his child of their childs...and so on   after 1mio days u have actually the chance to get the title

5. There have been so many nice ideas how to make the game better...Green allways said..i hope the devs will consider..THEY GAVE A FCK

6.WOW everyone is hyped now...because u gave free training mats..but that wont change the fact that train mats drop is too low !! Or letz say Drop-rate overall is way too low..2000energie burned 2green drops 1 chest !!! i have 40 chests in my inventory maybe u should make some more maintenances..so i can open them....
And actually the free gift of training mats is again an advantage for people that just use speed train !!!Another spit in the face of NoN-Cashers

7.Arent there enough people that love or like the game ??? Maybe try to open a server with monthly payment..i mean what can u loose!! the cashers wont leave their servers they paid allrdy too much!!
Ure big money income is allways in the beginning of a server ..so i guess u will start spam open new servers soon again !! thats not rly a plan for a worthy game...maybe plan on future???

8. BUT I FORGOT !!!I still bet u wont come back from vacations..now u have ure bag full of money .time to leave

9.Still no new glad class...enough ideas have been there too ...for example Retiarius(Speer+Net-Fighter!!naturally counter to Murmillo and Sec.)

10.Instead of fixing ALL bugs and ALL compensation..u just relased the new version soon as possible...on H1 people had to wait 1 week for their gems !!! HOW THE HELL u think they can stay competetive vs the players that got their compensation from the first day on !! U JUST DIDNT HAVE THE BALLZ to make a server reset ...And give all players a fair Chance!!!
After u make sure u give all players the comp. they deserve !! Now some lucky ones rule the server!!!

11.NO explanation on which title u need to unlock pages of the title shop !!! I guess u Need Imperator(1mio gems spend) to unlock last page

12.Here a tip for all!!!!!How to get 500 free gems   Do it fast they maybe gonna patch it soon
In the Title Menue there is a rewards(500gems)u can claim if u finish the Wanted-Quest by hiring some Mercs to finish it ..Make sure u finish all ure wanted...dont claim the reward for finishing Wanted10 !!! After finishing Wanted 10 hire the mercs ...they cost 0 gems now...After u did that just claim ure Wanted go to the Title Menue and claim ure 500gems

13. Thx u made me finally quit a game i rly like..at least in the old version..and no i never been just a non-casher i also paid some money....The biggest joke overall is the gamble % chance in Taverne ..friend of mine burned 22k gems ..best he got was a 5star barb !!! Maybe make a lucky hour or a lucky day once a week eith higher chances to get a good glad!!

14.U deleted all my + upgrades on items ..because i found out that ure devs are braindead and made a quest items sellable for 5k !!FCK OFF U NOOBS
but on the other hand i still have my 6k Medals i grinded in Palace btw   but now u finally patched that too...how about delete my Medals !!! MAYBE u should do it..at least we will have another Maintenance and get some key   and a free bt reward

15.If u know allrdy that there gonna come a maintenance soon..make sure u allways claimed ure Bloody Tomb reward allrdy   After the Maintenance is finished u can claim it again!!!

16.Rly everything goes towards casher again ..more than ever before..and i say it again THE CRAFTING SYSTEM IS A JOKE compared to the old one

SRy for my bad english..it happens if i am in rage mode...i dont fcking care...the same u dont care about ure player base.
and make stupid mistakes over and over again ...I repeat myself THE TRAIN MATS GIFT wont change the FACT THE DROP RATE SUXX !!!!and still its an advantage for the CASHERS!!!

Over And Out Papillon  2th on S7 1st on G2(because of Quest item "BUG" HAHAHAH )but i see u wont even understand the Ironie


Why should i even leave my stable ......low exp ...no drops


The game seems to increasingly be turning into a "stealth" Pay-to-Play.  What I mean is that, while you can certainly play the game without paying, you can't actually accomplish anything without spending money.  As a for instance:

Finally unlocked Wanted quests, and yay, rewards are great, levelling quickly, and can train all my gladiators, no sweat.  Start it up today. . . and it went from starting in Northen Forest to starting in frelling CARTHAGE.  Only one of my gladiators is strong enough to take on 80% of the required kills, and now he's even stuck, at only level 4 Wanted.  No way I'm going to be able to finish it at this difficulty for a long time, and even longer given the lack of training items.

I understand that the game needs paying players to keep going.  I have no problem with that.  But driving away the people who CAN'T pay-to-play is going to kill the game.  None of us wants that to happen.



This game changed in the last 2 weeks from a game with a fair chance for all kind of players , a nice craft system, ok maps with a lot too much drops..a stupid Champion Cup but a 3vs3 twice a day.an secutors world !! INTO a game with too much advamtages for Cashers..the worst drops ever if u consider this game a grind game..just a pain to grind...a 3vs3 once a day..which is fine if u are unemployed or work infront of a comp..a craft system for 5-10y old kiddies..with 0 unique item set ups..still a secutors world..not to mention the Garden...rofl masaage..feel so stupid doing it..could have at least called sausages dicks straight away arena rewards suck now too..no seeds anymore for lower placed glads even forces the people to cash more to have a chanve to be in top 10!!

The devs just show their true face and intention..biggest fail ever to give some people compensation early on and some not...if i would be a player that had to wait 1week for my compensation on H1 and had to see some got it allrdy..would have raged so much..!! forced to change the server..paid money..and now so much behind to people that got lucky and got their compensation early on..Just sad!! Only way to make it fair for all would have been a reset after all comp. have been handled..but no for sure..majoir roll out and the comp tales a vacation

Over the time i payed a good amount of money playing this game..but now i am finally done with that game..gonna keep an eye on it..allways loved the theme..but if they dont change things there are games way more worth playing and companys way more worth supporting


game masters

bad managemant = no more players = mo more money



and i give you 1 example. AION , is a mmorpg game , is a nice and good game. is a real money ( pay-to-play ) game. but , in dis pay-tp-play game all ,players have the chance to be good. ex: you pay to play , you have good items etc. but i have the chance to have good items if i play more dhen chas-player, work and work and work. is i wana be good i must work 3-4 time more the cash-player. dis is a chance for no money player. here , in GoG , we dont have dis chance. i wil play the game ( how more ??? dont no ) but, in the end ( when ?? dont no ) if they dont make som changes , we all ( no cash players ) wil quit. end i wana see a server with 10-15 player   )))) , how funny wil be ?? like i say bad management = no players = no money. giv all players a chance to play , a chance to wana play. is just my opinion ( bad or good ?? dont no ) .  peace   


Yeah !
True words ! but in GoG u dont have the chance to work harder anymore or be better because u know which stats are important on a glad..and craft better gear as ure opponents do !

They just gave us fail informations overall..i left my Server ..because i had to if i dont want to play a single player game..they said to me i get a compensation for my invest of money..WoW i got my compensation but u know what...1week too late on H1 no chance anymore to stay competetive..

They said game gonna be more balanced...Rofl still the same secutor spam..even more then before !!

I wont pay a single $ anymore ...i am so dissapointed ..yeah finally i got my compensation..but i dont care anymonre..i am done with that game

Craft-System was a thing that kept me playing in the old version...but now its just ZZZzzZZ

Also they didnt tell us everything !! they said they gonna make a maintenance because of the bug with the sellable craft-items..but actually they also used the maintenance to decrease the drop-rate of chest-keys..and they didnt have the balls of steel to tell us that they decreased it..another sad move !!

Yeah but who cares !! just another company that tried to make as much money as they can...and meanwhile destroyed a game that was actually really good !!!

BTW not a single statement from Green or anyone..!! about the delay of compensation...just excuses ...pls be patience blablabla!!!!

LoL and that new Server-Events are a joke too...they said they gonna make nice Events on the new servers...that Events if u can call them Events are all about players investing money and getting some stupid 2% Bonuses on lowest recharge..not rly creative !! Like Pap flamed in another Post buy 1000gems get 2 woods for free   such a joke ...but wood is rare nowadays

I cant believe they are happy with this Version and the way they released it..but maybe they are ! Full Vallet more important than a happy community


I don't even really care about being "competitive."  I know I'm never going to have the number one gladiator "God of the Arena" and I'm okay with that.  But it really feels like the devs are even stalling you on advancing at all unless you fork over a bunch of cash for Gems.  That's just not a game I want to play.

Yeah, I think I'm done with this game now.


Yeah ! Its not about being competetive its about having fun...grinding and crafting was allways the most fun...but crafting is just boring now..or nearly not existing because u have to grind for the mats to craft...and the drop rate is the worst ever..

Only reason to continue playing is if u invested a lot of money   was allrdy hard for me to say Goodbye allways loved the game and i cashed also ..luckily not that much so its more easy to leave
Feel sry for the peepz paid 100$ and more and are stucked now..


Game Masters ????

and is so interesing , no 1 Game Master respond on dis topics     . we post , we post more , but no 1 respond , funny , very very funny    


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