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We all overindulge in treats over Christmas

We all overindulge in treats over Christmas

We all overindulge in treats over Christmas, so stay healthy by keeping active. Cheap Air Jordan Shoes Go for a stroll with the kids, borrow a neighbours dog for a brisk walk, anything that will
raise your heart rate and kickstart your metabolism for the rest of the day
2. The wonders of water
A good tip if youare trying to reduce the number of alcoholic drinks at a Christmas party is this: Follow every alcoholic drink with a glass of water, and swap alcoholic drinks
for sparkling water. Drinking large amounts of alcohol (six or more standard drinks per day) increases your risk of stroke.
3. Good cholesterol
High cholesterol is also a risk factor for stroke. To help your cholesterol levels, limit takeaway meals and swap fatty meats with lean meats. Make sure your Christmas diet is
high in fruit, fresh fish and vegetables.Julius has created FitDad, an online program based on his experiences.FitDad is an eight week food and exercise

guide which aims to get you started on your journey to being fit
and healthy, with no big expensive equipment commitments.
I guess my advice to other dads in my situation is, understand that your body has changed. Theres no such thing as a quick fix, he says. Its not something thats
going to happen fast. Now weare older, we get injured. Its going to take work, theres no doubt about that. But you dont have to go hard at a gym, you just have to control
what you eat, and know how your body works. CHRISTMAS can be a tricky time to stay trim, so who better to seek advice from than retired Ironman Guy Leech?
To celebrate the big 5-0 this year, Leech launched a fitness Asics Australia Online program - as you do. This year hes also directed 498 people to set a world record for the largest ever boxing
class in March, participated in the Coolangatta Gold, and signed on as an ambassador for the National Stroke Foundations Know Your Numbers program, which encourages all
Australians to visit participating pharmacies to get a free blood pressure check, stroke, heart disease and type 2 diabetes risk assessments.
Guy at the 2014 Coolangatta Gold.


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