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I went to the school and said, this isnt a dessert

I went to the school and said, this isnt a dessert

I went to the school and said, this isnt a dessert, this is a bread, why is Asics Trainers Salethere a problem? The

director said to me, we cant have nuts at school. I explained that quinoa
is a grain, but she still said well look, he cant eat it here.
Sophie with her family. Her children are now 6 and 7.
Sophie with her family. Her children are now 6 and 7.
The next day I sent him in with a banana bread cake, made from wholemeal flour, no sugar. When I went to pick him up and I had another fine! They said it wasnt acceptable. I
went through the recipe to show that it was better than bread, but I was still told no.
The director gave me a copy of the nutritional guidelines I had to follow. For lunch you could have bread with jam, vegemite or honey. No meat allowed, because it might go off
in the sun. You could have fruit, and you were allowed to bring in things like cupcakes as a treat. So he could have cupcakes, but not homemade banana cake? I thought, this is
crazy!Then when the boys first started to eat, I never dreamt of feeding them sugar, so I thought, if

I wouldnt give it to them, why would I eat it myself? That really prompted me
to reassess what I was eating and what I was doing with myself. Your children learn from you, theyare like little sponges. I wanted them to grow up with healthy role models.
Cute! Training with one of her boys.
Cute! Training with one of her boys.
Sophies second book, the newly released My Kids Eat, aims to Asics Trainers Sale show people how great their body is designed to feel. It contains a collection of her favourite family recipes
based on clean eating principles.
I used to have a folder with handwritten recipes that I ve used over the past five years, and people kept telling me to turn it into a book, so I did, she explains.
There are heaps of nut free suggestions in there because so many child care places are nut free these days, there are heaps of lunch box ideas ... Its so hard for mums who
are trying to do the best for their kids.
A lot of our clients are mums who have two or three children, who used to have takeaway for dinner every night but want to change that. But theyare up against a lot! Often
theyare even shot down by their kindergartens! Thats exactly what happened to me when my son first started kindy. I sent him to school with quinoa bread for lunch, and when I
went to pick him up, I was given a $6 fine, because they had to feed him a vegemite sandwich instead. I was so confused!


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