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PVP battle mode is separated into sole and multi player.
One: Solo
In Arena, you can make a challenge to any online player.


  • According to the rank in duel field, you can choose 5 players as your rival.



  • After challenge successfully, if your rank is lower than your rival, your rank will exchange. If you fail to challenge or your rank is higher than your rival, your rank will not change.


  • After each successful challenge, you have one chance to turn over the card to choose reward.



  • There are 20 chances for you to challenge every day with 10minutes between each challenge.  It is available to accelerate cool down

  • If the player had continuously won certain battles, system will give an announcement to whole server to declare your victory.

Two: multi player arena

  • In Arena, you can invite other player to join in multi player arena.



  • Enter into multi player Arena; you can look at the present battle room you have built. Just click to enter.



  • By click “search”, you can put in room’s ID to find a specific room to join in battles.


By click “build”, you can build a new battle room.

You can invite members of Guild, your friends or players in the hall now to your room. The players in the same room are a group. After click “Start”, system will match the rooms which have sign up. Then battle will begin if system matches appropriate rivals.
You can get varying amounts of Medallion after victory. If you store it for a certain number, you can exchange various kinds of  purple suit with outstanding traits, peerless potion and other items.

The Wartune Team


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