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Important Notice

Important Notice

Dear players, 6 m2 l: m  p( R% @

" [! ]* ?* T7 s1 F5 CWe noticed that some players received a message from "Announcer", the mail contains a link, which requires your password and present a gift. Please NOTE that it's not sent by our GM and DONT link to it, which may be hacked by hacker. " O1 |0 ^" n- x5 P1 y! ^
Tip: If you linked to the website from Announcer's mail, we suggest you change your password ASAP. If you lost your account, please contact our GM via GM ticket.  
' i) i9 g( V* |% x3 V# A# ~5 K: P
0 V& B2 F6 R: E" }% V 3 L/ ?& W# P- h0 `8 A
Gamebox Team


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