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Farm is a distinctive system used for social contact and interaction. Players can plant all kinds of rare resources. Just to click mouse, players can acquire resources.
The moment you enter into the farm, it seems that you enter into the real farm of ancient time. There are different kinds of rare fruits. If you are free, you can go to your friend’ farm and help him weed and water crops. To enter other players’ farm at night, it is easy for you to steal others’ fruits. You can not only acquire rare resource, but also interact with your good friends.

    How to play in form

    • Every player has a farm, just as the Tree of Ancient. When players reach level 11, the farm will open.


    • The level of farm cannot be above the level of lord.

    • Players can buy seed from Farm shop. There are common seed and special seed. Common seed: seed of gold, seed of experience, seed of draug, seed of Kyanites and seed of insignia. Special seed is bonus. Players can get it from mysterious shop, seed treasure box and drop.

    • Players can get farm experience from energizing the tree of ancients, seeding, weeding, insecticide and reviving. There are limit at friends’ farm and no limit at your own farm.

    • Only friends can enter each other’ farm.


    • When farm reaches a certain level, the function of earth upgrade will open. After upgrade earth, players can harvest more. It will reduce the time to grow up.

    --The Wartune Team


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