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im playing CR on server EU S7 gladsheim character name dracknaveill,

i do have a question about being fair to all players, there are several "achievements" to get in this game yet there are 80% of these achievements u can only complete if u pay (recharge) on regular bases, why do u practicly make ppl pay? like for example u can defeat thor once for red covenants u get 20 cards and the only way to get more is to buy them..
u want players to get orage hero's yet the only way to get orange winesouls is to pay, how can players without the posibility to pay ever get something "good" in this game?
antient treasure gets u one spin at start of the game forcing u to refresh the goods and always get something crap, only way to ever get an other key to spin costs u money again..
seriously i understand u wanna get profit but there should be a way to get some of this stuff without forcing ppl to pay aswell. the way its going now is simple for 80% of all players around the world u are destroying the game because they will never ever get something good unless u recharge. i play other games on facebook aswell and all games i play charge ppl for stuff aswell yet they all have a way to gain the same benefits without having to pay, it takes a bit longer but then again all the players can get the benefits.
please try to find a way where ppl can get antient keys or gold or even orange and red covenants / winesouls without having to pay for it, make it a bit harder or longer to get but forcing players to pay just destroys everything!


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