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Routine Maintenance on Mar 14

Routine Maintenance on Mar 14

Castlot will be undergoing maintenance for about 20 minutes starting at 00:00 on Mar 14, 2014, during which your connection to the game may be interrupted. Thank you for your patience.

Server: All Servers

Bug Fixings
1. Fix the bug that player can evolve Patron Beast when he or she hasn't yet reached the required level. After the bug fixing, the Patron Beast that was evolved before cannot be upgraded until the lord reaches the required level.
2. Fix the bug that when the lord sends troops to repel the conqueror's troops, the troops sent might fight against the troops in the city and the city might be under attack all the time.
3. Fix the bug that heroes' Attributes displayed in the Base haven't changed after the upgrade of Patron Beast. Note that the attributes has already been added into the actual battles though it is wrong displayed.

Updates of Lv 140 Version
1. The highest level of buildings, heroes and equipment can reach Lv 140.
2. The NPCs' level in the Race Up of Arena will reach Lv 160.
3. The Floors in the Babel Tower will be increased.
4. The Relics above Lv 120 will be opened.
5. New areas and monsters will be added in the Explore. The new monsters are formidable, so Lord below Lv 100 cannot challenge.

Castlot Team


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