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what levels unlocks what items/events

what levels unlocks what items/events

I dont seem to see any of these, and i find them very useful myself. (even sometimes i cant remember them all so post up, and i will edit to add what you remembered   thanks)

By the end of your first day you should be around lvl 45, so we will start there
First and foremost every X0 (40, 50, 60 ect ect) lvl unlocks the new map
Lvl 45 unlocks Shrine Church and Hunting Skill
Lvl 50 unlocks Elfhame, Battle of Shrine Church, and your first set of purple gears
Lvl 55 unlocks CSB (Cross Server Battle)
Lvl 60 unlocks Churning Winery (Solo), Pet Train, and Dragon Soul Equip
Lvl 62 unlocks your upgrade for 50 purples to 62 purples
Lvl 65 unlocks Churning Winery (Team) 3+ members
Lvl 72 unlocks Devil Prison, Devils Square F1, and your "last" set of purple gears
Lvl 75 unlocks Ultimate Combo, also known as Devils Square F2
Lvl 82 unlocks Dragonslay "World Boss", Purification Room, Underworld Easy, CS Duel (Cross Server Duel), and your first upgrade for gear
Lvl 85 unlocks Palace Feast
Lvl 92 unlocks Artifacts, Oracle Wars (every lvl after advances you further here), and your second upgrade for equips
Lvl 102 unlocks the last upgrade for your equips

i am sure there are plenty i missed, so post them up, im tired now.. more to come/be edited tomorrow. Keep an eye out for my posts, i aim to help anyone and everyone i can! (no i wont give you free gls )



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What about cross server boss?


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