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hello. i'm playing on server G5 . i have noticed that my tavern doesn't refreshes every 2 hours like it should.  
also i have spend a lot of Falielun Red to refresh for a chance to get at least a 5 stars glad (not to mention 6 stars). how can a 6 stars glad can be obtained??
There is also a problem in obtaining the titles. For the first one it is a condition to kill a mob they say it is in bloody tomb  (in fact he is in the forest).
[ This post finally by gepao on 2014-03-16  03:06 edit ]


gld1.jpg (1.7 MB)

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after "refresh"



can i please have an answer from you. the problem is still least a promise that "you will look into it".


Hi gepao,
Sorry for the late reply.
About the refresh issue in the Tarven, could you please take 2 screenshots? One is 2 hours before and the other is 2 hours later.
Getting a 5 star gladiator in the Tarven may need more grind. But many players have such success experience. Please keep up.
For the title issue, we will have a look into it.  Once verified, the devs will revise it as soon as possible. Thanks for your notification.
We are looking forward to your reply.  


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