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Campaign Mode

Campaign Mode

Progress through the world of Wartune and take on the vicious beasts and creatures that stand in your way! Continuously advance through a series of battles and territories and be generously rewarded for your success!

1. Click on the Campaign button to view the campaign interface.

2. In the Campaign interface, you may view available and completed single dungeons, dungeon level requirements and item drops available on completion.

3. Once completing a dungeon, you will receive an overall battle grade and an opportunity to receive a dungeon reward.

4. You will also receive a variety of rewards for completing all dungeons in an area.

The Wartune Team


How do I get to Hero Mode in Campaign?

How do I get to Hero Mode in Campaign? (Solo dungeon) I ask a number of player on my servor but no one knows. AIMWLTK
Could you reply directly to me via my email address.
Thank you for you time. Gary Hughes playing as Solitas on Servor 8

PS I also applied for Magister position last month; July: was wondering on status.


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