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[S1-S2] Server Merge Notice

[S1-S2] Server Merge Notice

The server merger will start at Mar.21 1:00 AM approximately 2 hours. During this merger, S1 & S2 will be merrged into a new S1. It's recommended that players stop all kinds of expeditions before the merger starts.  

After the merger, the city seizure score will be modified:
1. All cities seized by the inactive characters (meeting the stated 3 requirements) will be released and the inactive characters' score will be reset to zero.
2. Players will disown their seized cities of the inactive characters and their score will be deducted accordingly.
3. After completing the above two steps, all league city seizure score will be recalculated.   

I. Please be aware that the following will be completed during the merger
1. Marching troop queues between cities and transportation queues in the Market will be terminated. Troops marching will return to and resources will be transported back to the departure city immediately. Remaining troops after a battle will also return to the departure city immediately.

2. Characters fall into the following three categories at the same time will be deleted:
a. Lower than level 30;
b. not been logged in for 30 days;
c. no Diamond purchase records.

3. Mails without attachments and Battle reports will be deleted. Players are recommended to save in advanced important mails on their computer and collect all mail attachments.

4. In the first Faction Battle after the merger, the number of the NPC troops will be reset to the initial number.

5. For duplicated names and coordinates, here are the solutions:
a. Each duplicated character name will be added the old server number as a suffix, for example, King Arthur.S1.
b. Each duplicated league name will also be added the old server number as a suffix, for example, Bright Alien.S1.
c. For cities that happen to have the same coordinates in the World view, one of them will be chosen at random to stay in the same place, and the rest will be relocated randomly to other pieces of flatland of the same kingdom.

6. The Grail Hunting will be reset to the original state after the merger. Neutral areas will be reset to neutral. Every city in the neutral areas will be relocated to a random piece of flatland of the same faction. Players will receive an Advanced Relocator for free for each of their cities in the neutral areas.

7. In the new server, First Victory and Best Victory in the Babel Tower, First Record and Best Record in both the Regular and Heroic modes in the Team-up Explore will be reset to blank.

8. If players are in a team in Explore before the merger, the team will be disbanded and the heroes will return to the departure city immediately.

9. All events will be reset / deleted after the merger. Remember to claim all unclaimed rewards before the server merges.

10. If players play on several servers and their different characters happen to be on the same new merged server, Diamonds will be added up and shared by these different characters. VIP level will also be shared by these characters.

II. Free Merger Giftpack
All players in S1 – S2 will each receive an exclusive free Giftpack after the merger which contains the following rewards:
a. 1,000,000 Gold;
b. 20 Magic Potions;
c. 100,000 Prestige;
d. 1 Advanced Relocator;
e. 2 Relocators.

Rewards will be sent to all eligible players via in-game mail within 24 hours after the merger. Remember to claim your rewards when you log into the merged servers.

Please remember that you will not need to start from the beginning.


arena reset 21st, not good.

if you merge servers on the 21st arena will be reset 2 days before season end. how will that affect the rewards we're supposed to get? there's a high chance i won't be able to get as high in arena as i am now, especially since on s1 there are people who are past lvl 100, while i'm still 90. does that mean i'll get less jewels than i'd get without the merge? yes. not cool, guys, really not cool.


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