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CR 2014.03.25 Version Update

CR 2014.03.25 Version Update

Dear player, 5 e7 I( }, f5 L  M

& t: `6 B) \/ s7 R5 dTo bring a better game playing experience, all servers will be performed with maintenance at 10:30 UTC time on 27th, Mar. Sorry for any might inconvenience it will cause to you. ) W# `- ~- ]" j+ B: P7 |
Please have a brief view of the contents:

. i, @) x1 C5 ^+ G* D5 c- |  R, N; q8 O
* j+ s7 x+ H9 x" S  v# {
- N/ J- z* Q& pNew Function / B& a% Q. i6 Q3 r
1.        New System:Hero & Mount Upgrade
: f9 S. @) R0 h' [: g2 O, O1 K7 kUse Blessing Crystals to upgrade hero and mount. The stats of the hero or mount will increase by corresponding percentage.
$ }8 e1 ]3 A0 C4 b4 {! W7 f
) ^3 C$ f0 _4 T1 b5 D5 i2.        New Fun:Xanadu 1 b- y9 k2 Z; z6 A; t- }
Complete Xanadu to reap tons of crystals, which can be used to upgrade hero and mount.
0 K) N0 e6 g. Q1 `# C" `3.        New events in Awesome Event.

. g0 p% N0 E" |& E( U ' }' R* ~$ L7 B0 C( h2 K5 ~6 b1 {3 @8 c
; C9 d. S4 j2 t0 ~! K5 g
6 E1 X3 M7 I/ B! n( g# Y8 M1 ?1.        Cross Server Arena:Red Medals have been added. , Z( ^$ x! T3 o
2.        New Background for the City . L, @4 j2 b+ b' M8 k
3.        Gem Return Event is online.

; H7 ?1 d! F. d% ]9 V9 ^0 y" K 6 b5 I( p$ J7 w( ?
& C6 ^; H" H5 \! O: b

$ i. J; c" K0 ]# b% x* p0 i5 a1.        The refresh bug in cross server arena has been fixed. $ \' S0 L3 B$ o0 v

4 ?9 t" W6 W' J7 U# X ' F9 j9 N- p& E4 @! F5 V6 T

Best Wishes,
Gamebox CR Team


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