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Update on 27th, Mar.

Update on 27th, Mar.

Dear players, 

To bring in the Treasure Map and another schedule for 3V3, All servers (except G8) will be performed with maintenance on 27th, Mac.10:00 UTC time. 
It is expected to be lasted for around 2 hours, but the real time taken will depend on the progress need. 

As regards to the Treasure Map, please accept our apologize for its late coming. As the devs want to exploit it with more fun, so it has taken a longer time than expected. Sorry for any inconvenience it has caused to you. 
The Treasure Map is located on the World Map. You can get the roulette Tickets by chance on the map. 

Just as most players suggested, another 3v3 schedule will be added to meet player’s need who are in different time zone. 

Hope you will like the update.
Your patience and understanding will be highly appreciated.

GOG Team


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