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[Event] April Relaxing Jubilation

[Event] April Relaxing Jubilation

Here comes April Fools' Day! Everybody is chuckling all the way! In this joyous occasion, you play jokes while we present gifts! Buy Diamonds and discover our dedicated special offers for the lucky April Fools! Are you the one that will put on the vintage yellow April Fool gear and share with us the good humor?   

Time: 0:00, Apr 1 to 23:59, Apr 6
Server: All Servers

1. During this event, as long as your accumulated purchase of Diamonds reaches a certain amount (see the Rewards below), you will be eligible to get bountiful rewards which include the superior yellow gear dedicated to all lucky April Fools!
2. Note that all April Fool gear can be evolved. Players who got these equipment last year can also evolve them in Smithy.

3. Click on the big "+" button on the top right of the screen to purchase Diamonds.


1. The Book Chest contains Stamina Book *2, Strength Book *2, Agility Book *2, Intellect Book *2.
3. Each row of rewards can only be received once. If your accumulative Diamond purchase reaches 3,000 Diamonds, you will not only be able to receive the rewards in the "3,000 – 5,999" row, but also the rewards in all the previous rows.  

April Fool Gear Evolved to Stage 10

Rewards Delivery
1. You'll get the Diamonds you purchase immediately. To claim the rewards, you just need to click on the Activities icon on the top right of the screen, click the April Fool's Special Offer event tab and then press the Claim button.
2. Please claim the rewards in time. They won't be available in 72 hours after this event ends.


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