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CR 20140403 Version Update

CR 20140403 Version Update

Dear player, * ^% n3 v/ {" H$ M& _
* k5 m. Q, l3 `0 t8 T+ X* b5 P
To bring a better game playing experience, US servers will be performed with maintenance around 05:30 time on 3rd, Apr while EU around 13:30 on 3rd, Apr. The maintenance is expected to be lasted for 1 hour. Sorry for any might inconvenience it will cause to you.
7 }, X$ i& `* p: Z/ S* IPlease have a brief view of the contents: ! K1 i! v' ^& `* i

  x* S6 l# k1 t: w( p, S" NNew Function . X/ ^; y% L9 P
1.        Global guild war: A cross server battle where only sword and magic speaks!   p- W5 w$ q+ w
        Event Time:Each Thursday. The exact time of the event will be displayed in each server. : A1 w7 b  R- n" ~' w  C) l1 Q; k
        Three phases in Cross Server Battle:President Bidding, member distribution, cross-server battle.  The presidents should encourage your            guild members to participate, supreme glory is beckoning you! ' X$ |! R- B- z9 y
        Glorious Rewards, you can get following rewards in Exploits Shop:
& c0 Y8 @8 T/ K        Purple, Orange & Red Mantle
. d. \; k8 i* k& G3 {2 L& d3 o        Blessing Crystals of Lv1,2 &3 * c) g% R7 m# [, I; j: u- k
        Daily Reward:The guild members can claim the landmark rewards each day from occupied landmarks~!
7 n; o( v& t! X- a/ [! {2.        New event in Awesome Event!
! G5 s5 x, ?' r4 m
0 `9 X. w0 T3 A3 [- M3 w6 uOptimization: " |4 N$ Y3 I- @( r/ l3 M
1.        Optimization in Hero Upgrade and Xanadu System.   G/ M, ?8 D% d2 e3 J( _
2.        Investment Plan is available now. ' Z+ ]7 N( ~+ c. r4 O: e& o. I2 U
3.        Red quality medals have been included in Ancient Treasure. - k) u  q9 y, t

$ I8 ^* R+ r+ p2 B2 w+ A, ?BUG: ) M& a7 e- ?0 ~5 d" O
1.        The display bug of server time has been fixed in Daily Guide panel. , n6 a# B' \7 f/ j7 [* S% q

9 G: [2 [+ L- S# J. w1 c
; ?1 N( M4 m0 ?Best Wishes, 1 F0 _" C+ o( }( c

Gamebox CR Team


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