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There are two types of altar events. One in the morning and a second one in the late afternoon. The first is known simply as altars. The second is called ALC Altars or Afternoon altars or Altar defense.

Morning altars. (In town altars)
At 10:00 each morning in the Ancient gulf the demon portals activate. Everyone L50+ should head down to the Ancient gulf to defend the altars. Those not in top 20 in rating receive an XP buff. Everyone gains plume stone frags and Divine crystals (used in nurturing your SB. This is very important to your growth.) by clicking on each altar that was saved.

The goal is simple. Defend and fill the altars before the demons destroy them. Etiquette on how to do this varies by server.

First rule. If you are red named or pink named stay away. People use AOE and you will take damage or be killed by this AOE.

If you are not filling altars do NOT touch the sparks. On many servers touching the sparks will get you killed. Only experienced players should normally collect.

If you collect you should be mounted at all times.

A min of 5 people are needed to defend and fill all 4 altars. Realistically at least 10 are needed. 2 at each altar and 2 collecting. If the altar you are defending is taking damage alternate between AOE attacks. Even if you do not kill all of the demons, they turn on you and not the altar and you buy time to kill them before next wave. However save your other AOE for the next wave. If you stand close to the altar and fire one AOE soon as the demons come in range, you can then fire another AOE for the next wave and the first one will have regenerated in the mean time. Thus one person with an attack of over 8k can singleandedly defend an altar if they manually fire off their AOE.

Some servers only 2 people are allowed to collect and everyone else who touches a spark is killed. On other servers there will be 2 collectors per altar or a mob of collectors directed to a given altar. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages. The extremes would be 2 people at each altar defending and everyone else collecting. The opposite extreme is everyone defending and only two collecting. If you are short handed on defenders or all your defenders are weak or everyone goes into AFK mode and manually refuses to use AOE then 2 or 3 good collectors is best. You need everyone you can get defending altars since AFK mode is highly inefficient at killing demons. If you have good defenders at each altar and your collectors are mounted, a mob of collectors all filling the same altar is going to be more efficient. The sooner the sparks are delivered and the more people collecting sparks the better since the altars are well defended. Ideally the altars take ZERO damage. One person manually running AOE and another doing mop up can prevent any damage at all to an altar. A crew like that at each altar means the rest of the server can gobble and deliver sparks. Thus faster fill times. This is not the norm however. Very few people are willing to invest the time to manually use AOE skills. Many players use altars as an excuse to PK others. So watch how the server you are on does things and go with that.

When an altar is filled XP rain will start at that altar.  On some servers if you sit in the rain before all the altars are filled you will be killed. If you are there and active, as soon as an altar fills move on to an undefended altar until all altars are filled. Personally if someone has to go AFK I'd rather have them AFK defending an altar than leave the Ancient gulf all together to avoid being PK'd for sitting in the rain. They at least help defend one altar. Players who are online and who intentionally sit in the rain however deserve to be KOS'd if they know better than to sit in the rain. This will vary by server.

ALC/Evening/Altar defense.
Again simple concept. An ALC member will claim an altar. Other ALCs will fight to take that altar. Whoever holds the altar at the end gets an XP buff and upon clicking on defended altars will get Divine crystals and angel wings.

People defending altars by necessity go into AFK mode. If an altar is contested there simply is not time to manually target. So riding by an altar which is being defended is a bad idea. Instead change lines.

An ALC can only claim up to 2 altars. If two are already claimed then that ALC cannot claim another until some other ALC claims one it was holding.

Each altar gives a set XP buff. From highest to lowest these are.

Owning Earth and fire is equiv to owning Water and breeze. Owning Earth and water gives the max possible XP buff. Owning only fire gives the lowest possible XP buff other than having no altars.


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