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END【Hot Event】A great honor to show your general collection!

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END【Hot Event】A great honor to show your general collection!

Dear commanders, we know that you have collected many generals from general shop and events to enjoy the bonus from general manual, but we want you to collect more generals and enhance your army faster this time!

Event time: from now on to 23:59 03/19 PST

During the event time, player can recruit generals from the Shop and other events. Top players that collect certain amount of generals in General Manual can get extra reward. The more you collect, the better reward you can get!
Top 5 players that manual owned >=700 generals will award Exp*50000000, Sliver*50000000, Conscription III*20, Gold*1000.
Top 5 players that manual owned from 600 to 699 generals will award Exp*40000000, Sliver*40000000, Conscription III*15, Gold*500.

Top 10 players that manual owned from 500 to 599 generals will award Exp*3000000, Sliver*30000000, Conscription III*8, Gold*200.
Top 20 players that manual owned from 400 to 499 generals will award Exp*20000000, Sliver*20000000, Conscription III*3, Gold*100.

Awarded Players List:

1. Player who is qualified to this event please take screenshot of General Manual page in your account which contain YOUR NICKNAME and upload it to, then reply the link with your nickname and server name under this post(or CONTACT GM via GM Support/Facebook fanpage), we will check and send reward to you.
2. Only the account that manual owned more than 400 is qualified to this event. The top players are depend on the number of maunal owned in general manual.
3. GW Team reserves all rights of holding this event.

Wish you have a nice day!
Best Regards
GW Team

screen name demolition  server s17 roma
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NigelJohns, server  S74, Prague.
Sorry for using, but it works much easier.


S 74, kostitras78

kostitras78, S-74 Prague
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gen manual event

nickname :  KurtOlsen   
server name :  Bergen 103


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