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CR2014.04.10 Version Update

CR2014.04.10 Version Update

New Function
" F5 ?6 r6 @# {4 F  v  t1.        Card system is online. New costume, new mount, new wing!   M% ]  s  S  p0 u: w
2.        New Event. # ~$ v0 f6 [+ Q" {3 C7 f

% q4 `4 D+ o. u7 P5 i# mOptimization:
9 [/ y- Y, Q0 Z% l* y1.        Cross-Server Guild War panel has been optimized.
- }! I, F* C. T: O3 @1 D2.        Difficulty tips have been added in single player dungeons, which will recommend suitable heroes for players.
. ?" ~5 x; o, m; N* d' F3.        Some special effects have been added in some modules.
) V! S1 t1 ?2 U5 j3 w- N4.        CD LIST has been optimized in Main City Panel. 0 x8 F, g0 E, G2 e+ g
5.        Exploits Shop and Exploits rewards have been added in Dragon Hegemony.
) Z( t  [7 u3 dBUG:
& Q& `2 n. C1 L% g' u1.        The bug which occurs when changing heroes in Hero Warehouse has been fixed.


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