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Preview of the Update

Preview of the Update

Dear players, 
Thanks for your long and loyal support to GOG. To bring a better and pleasant game environment with more fun and challenges, we will make some improvements, add some new contents and fix some bugs in the next update based on the current game setting. 
As to the exact update time, we will release the official announcement on the official forum and Fanpage. Please stay tune. 
Now we would like to share the details with you. Please refer to more information as below: 


1. Guild Ranking Board-- Guild members will be able to view Guild rankings.
2. On the Gladiator management interface, the Energy Potion will be able to be used by clicking on Restore HP button when HP is less than 150.
3. Add an Exit button to Guild home page. Optimize the Tips of Donation and Daily Allowance. 
4. Newly optimize match regulations of Champion Cup, seeds players are allocated more feasible.
5. Optimize reward interface of Champion Cup
6. Optimize Daily Chores interface, add linkage to each quest. 
7. Optimize the reward information on Event Ranking. The reward for each Ranking will be accessible and viewable.
8. With title when the conditions are not satisfied, the Ten Elders interface will also be accessible. 
9. Optimize the display of Skill tips. 
10. The create page will allow to automatically select a character name at random and keep on randomly select, players will be able to change name in game. 

New Contents 

1. Add Gladiator Skin system. There will be a variety of cool skin with gorgeous special effects. 
2. There will be a third woman in Garden, which requires hero reaches lv 60. 
3. Add Suit system, a variety of suits properties will make new way of playing. 
4. Add a Revise function in the Guild, which will make Guild Slogan is able to be changed. 
5. Added 4 grades of Accumulated Recharge Rewards with rare high-quality goods.

BUG Fixed 

1. Adjust the attack attributes and the rate of initialing the DEBUFF of ice, fire and thunder stones. Increase the damage of these 3 stones. 
2. Players whose names include special characters will be able to bet on the Champion Cup.
3. The first gladiator (the one system assign), elite and the gladiator obtained from first recharge pack will be counted towards the title quest. 
4. The equipment will be able to be combined when there are several same equipment in the Inventory. 
5. Newbies won’t be stuck in the tutorial and you will be allowed to skip the tutorial as well. 

Best Wishes, 
GOG Team


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