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[CBT Event] Find Bugs & Offer Suggestions to Get Diamonds

wrong character coordinates

since 1 or 2 days the main-character jumps to the left upper corner if you choose an attack....
when the fitght starts he comes back to normal position....

Screen 1: direkt after choosing attack:

Screen 2: shooting


EXP for next level

well I still hope that I am a little bit to stupid to find it - but please where is my current Experience-Amount and where can I see how much is needed to level up ?
thats an important character info,,,, should be on an central position near char-icon or at least in Attributes-Display


Thank you for feedback. The blue bar under icons is the exp bar.


okay, here is a nice one

I logged in and had 100vigor from refresh cause I had Zero yesterday

then I noticed that vigor gets deducted and the Chat window Shows,
I got EXP, rep and a item ...

and it repeated this for a while
I figured out, I started a wipe.out of a Mission yesterday but canceled it
after the first run

now it seems this wipe.out or is still active in the Background

I can move normaly in game and even do other Mission, but I get those exp
and rep every 2 minutes still

that this is coming from the wipe.out I canceld yesterday is
the only thing I can think of to explain this behaviour ^^

now it has stopped but the last two times the Chat showed
mission rewards it didnt even deducted vigor for it

hope you can sort this out ^^


Hi hitm,
Thank you very much for your reporting, this problem has been addressed to the developers and they are working on it, we will soon send the reward for reporting this bug.


thanks again, for the promised rewards
never thought I would actually benefit from this Event ^^



I logged in after the reset and as you can see on the pic,
I cant reset the planar.explanation, button greyed out

if I click continue I have to revive

but the Counter also Shows 1/1 attempts

so normaly I just could click reset and start over



as it seems you cant destroy items, I have this quest item in my inventory,
wich I cant get rid off as it cant be sold either (red arrow)

also it would be convinient if you could drag objects on the taps of the inventory
to place them on an other page maualy (green arrow)




it stop loading..


what I posted earlier about planar.explanation is probably not a bug and as it should be

but here is something wrong, the help text tells that you can get unlinited lab exp
from your own lab

on the pic I am at my own lab ... the Chat and the on Screen prompt Shows
I revieved +1 lab.exp ... but the message tells me I cant get more exp
from friend labs and indeed, my lab did not revieve a lab exp point in this case



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