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[CBT Event] Find Bugs & Offer Suggestions to Get Diamonds

a great addition would be maybe a guild showdown once a week where its the top 16 guilds in a knockout arena tourney, each guild puts forward there top 4 fighters or 8 fighters if done on a 32 knockout tourney 2 from each of the top 16 guilds or 2 teams from the top 10 guilds followed by 1 team from rank 11 to 22 guild
prize could be 1 mag netic drill and 1 mil gold for champions where every guild member thats logged in for each of the 7 days gets the prize with the 4 people actualy fighting get double rewards then a prize for runners up a prize for 3rd and 4, 5th to 8th and 9-16th if running 32 teams, anyway just an idea which would help the guilds interact and a bit of healthy competition


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