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FC Updates 15/04/2014

FC Updates 15/04/2014

New Contents
1. [New Base] It has been replaced by larger map including frequently used constructions.

2. [Team Arena]
2.1 Requirement: 4 players who are at least lv 25 are needed in a team.
2.2 Duration: 12:00~14:00, 18:00~20:00 every day

3. [Wipe Out] You can choose “fight” or “wipe out” on places you’ve successfully passed.

4. [Store] You can buy necessities here.

5. [Loading Game] A simple Parkour game has been added before you enter FC.

6. [City Reputation] When your reputation obtained from a certain city totals up to a certain number, you will get a reputation reward from this city.

7. [World Boss] A icon which leads to the world boss has been added to the top right of the main interface.

1. Special Task has been optimized.
2. Countdown has been added to the reward collection after finishing arenas.
3. A participation link has been added to the prompt of events.
4. Difficulty to defeat monsters has been reduced.
5. Tips in the character distribution interface have been optimized.
6. World map has been optimized. Your current location has been added.
7. Type and Tips have been added to the additional hero interface.
8. EXP progress bar has been added to the additional hero interface.
9. After recruiting, the interface will no longer jump to the corresponding map.
10. Layout of Freshman Gift has been changed.
11.”Back” button has been added to the team arena and team action.
12. Among all dropped equipment, only those suitable for your current class are displayed now.
13. Special effect of obtaining EP has been added during a fight.
14. Monsters before lv 30 have been optimized.


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