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CR 20140417 Version Update

CR 20140417 Version Update

+ {1 t) n& y( o- m, o
Dear players,
/ T7 }) r; Z/ ^6 J* L% A( v5 mPlease be noted that all servers will be performed with maintenance on 17th, April, which is expected to be lasted for around 2 hours. As to the exact time, we will update it for you on the official forum and on Fanpage in advance. * c; T: q# R! h- ?: j0 m1 y
Sorry for any inconvenience it will cause to you. ( F; a7 Z7 P/ |9 l6 R* X

6 _  y. F) `  LPlease refer to contents of the update as following:
/ V# O! X' |( F0 l6 U& j% x
7 o( c5 v& _. o1 [! _New Function
, `; ~3 ^& d4 K/ R( L2 N1. The equip output rate has been significantly increased in Ancient Treasure.
8 b) q: V" R2 S8 | 8 J8 t9 n; H1 G* e! u2 A, W; k# B) ~
   3 new red quality top equips have been added, which become wearable at Lv40! ; L6 M7 D% @! S! t7 u- K
   New Lv30 and Lv50 top Orange Sets have been added. * t9 T+ F' z5 m+ v% k! T, b' R$ h! c9 s
   Heaps of fragments from some top equips have been added, which can be combined into awesome equips in Arsenal panel.
/ Z, P/ P3 l0 i' b, s
0 P1 o* \) Q9 J- w! g$ [3 R2 I2. New Events
5 h8 K- }& c5 [5 g
  k& o( f5 m, w$ FOptimization:
3 A8 X2 R, e5 _' E! O1. Optimization on Gem Inlay Tips: 8 I6 L5 s7 Y- f4 s, a
   If the player embeds a gem that’s not suitable to his class, there will be a prompt now. - C0 }" @8 N- v6 F6 y
2. Lucky Card event will be added for 2 weeks since new server launch.
2 ^& I. a# W# Q) X( |7 Z! k! l3. Daily First Recharge event is added in new server. In the first 7 days since new server launch, you can get rewards as long as your single       recharge reaches 100 Gold.
4 o8 `4 \1 H/ g8 H . e1 K4 Y+ V& ~# q

& I& u6 m' p/ \% tBUG
5 _$ F8 ~7 ?" k: {2 |1 W1. The bug in the level of Guild Crystal Altar has been fixed.
' w1 P/ U7 ^  O8 F) B2. The bug in Cross Server Arena which prevents some players from getting points has been fixed.
3. The duration of the battle animation in Cross Server Arena has been extended.

Best Wishes,
Gamebox CR Team


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