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0422 Patch Note

0422 Patch Note

Dear players, 

To bring you a better and pleasant playing experience, we will perform maintenance at 03:00 GMT+0 on 22th, April on EU servers while 01:00 GMT-8 on 22th, April on US servers. The maintenance is expected to be lasted for around 2 hours. Sorry for any inconvenience it will cause to you. 

Please refer to the updates as below: 
1. Add the other schedule back to 3v3. 
2. The pop-up of inviting friend will be initialed only for the first time plant. 
3. Fix the bug that keep getting tips of Data Refresh when visit friends’ Farm. 
4. Optimize the new skins’ animation and special visual effects, which will make them look more smooth and handsome. 
5. Add another way to get credit by logging in for 7 consecutive days. The credit can be used to buy items in Credit Shop. 
6. Fixed the bug that lv40 quest Hero Quest can only be accepted at lv 41. It will be available to be accepted at lv40. 
7. Fix the bug that credit is not refreshed in real time. 
8. Fix the bug that having 2 five-star gladiators can not complete the quest of Praetorian Officer.
9. Fix the bug that unlocking skills of Dimachaerus requires the white skill books. It will be revised that unlocking skills needs green skill books. 

Best Wishes, 
GOG Team


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