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S1 to S7 Close Notice

S1 to S7 Close Notice

Dear players of S1 to S7, 

Thanks for your being with us for so long a time. We can not appreciate you anymore. 

However, due to the inactiveness of S1 to S7, the devs decided to close the 7 servers. And they will put concentrated effort on the new servers to work for a better and mature game for all of you.

According to the compensation plan we ever released, players of S1 to S7 will get a mysterious potion when enter H1. Besides, for players who ever recharged in S1 to S7, you will get gems that value your recharge and extra 20% compensation. For example if you have paid $1,000 in Server 1, you will first get 100,000+30,000 gems, and then 130,000*20%=26,000 gems compensation. So you will get 156,000 gems totally. 

Last time we have dealt with a heavy load of compensation for most players. If you did not receive or yet to apply, please contact GMs via GM ticket. 

Your understanding will be highly appreciated. We expect you can be still with us in new servers.

Best Wishes, 
GOG Team


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