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Recharged Gem Not Received

Recharged Gem Not Received


I just open a new server about few days ago and I made my first purchased but no Gems has been received. I had made a claims for two time on Server GM. But until now has no answers. I am still willing to accept the item that I purchased or else I have claim back my payment. Below is my information for ref. I also made an attachment screen shot of my Facebook History Log and PayPal successful payment.
1. Avatar Name: Ravmaximus
2. Server:  G9-GLORY
3. Date: Apr 17, 2014/ Time: 01:22:29 GMT+08:00
4. ID: P56041506941838

Looking forward to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

Thank you,
rav (Edgar)


Screenshot.png (134.43 KB)

2014-04-21 21:37,download times: 0



Hi Ravmaximus,
Thanks for your contact by choosing the channel here.
After checked, we did not receive any report from you before. If we miss anything, beg for your pardon.
Let's keep on the topic here.
For you issue, we need the payment ID to check for you in the further step.
Here is how to find this order's Payment ID: 1.Click the gear signs in the upper-right corner of any Facebook page and select Account Settings 2.Click Payments in the left-hand column 3.Click View to the far right of Purchase History 4.Find the Payment ID. For more information about it, please review:
Looking forward to your feedback. Thank you.   


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