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Upload Video to YouTube, Win Awesome Rewards

Upload Video to YouTube, Win Awesome Rewards

Dear players, 

An event full of fun hit your innovation now. It’s your show time. Come on! 

Event time: 22/04/2014 - 10/05/2014 

Event server: All servers 

During the event time, player who uploads a video to YouTube will have chance to win awesome rewards.. 

How to participate the event? Here are the steps and requirements: 
1. Please take a video. The video content includes but not limited to: combat screen recording, play strategy narration, fun video DIY, even Autodyne Videos, etc. 
2. Please take [# GOG#] ( e.g. [#GOG#]My first 6-Star Gla ) as the unified title of the YouTube video. Title does not conform to it will not be eligible. 
3. Please upload the video to YouTube. And then send the video link to
P.S: Please do remember to provide your character name and server information. 

About rewards: 
1. Participant Awards: All players who will submit videos can be rewarded: 1000K Coins, Lv4 L.Stone (the video should not include abuse, complaining or other mean content); 
2. Winner Awards: We will select some best and wonderful videos to put on the YouTube Channel. And the owners will be awarded specially: 50 Credit-Stars, Epic Chest & Key*1 

Note: For players who upload many a videos or more than one video are selected, we will evaluate the rewards for them. 
The awards will be distributed at the end of the activity. The winner list and the corresponding video linkages will be exposed on the official forum and Fan page. 

What are you waiting for? Come and join us. The most generous rewards are waiting for you. 

Best Wishes, 
GOG Team


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