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CR20140424 Version Update

CR20140424 Version Update

Dear player,
/ ~& L4 Z, [2 LTo bring a better game playing experience, US servers will be performed with maintenance around 02:00 server time on 24th, Apr while EU around 10:00 on 24th, Apr. The maintenance is expected to be lasted for around 1 hour. Sorry for any might inconvenience it will cause to you. . Please have a brief view of the contents: 1 i6 |7 F5 _0 g. P
2 Q' g2 }" v1 [) T& m# B1 X
New Function ( w* z! z, o# a& a  M9 p
1.        A third level mysterious chest and card point rank has been added in Lucky Card.(GO:195) : E2 ?9 _# g5 l0 _, I5 j
        Super Red Heroes in Mysterious Chest:Thor and Skuld + s# l0 o8 t  E
        New Red Heroes in Mysterious Chest:Volstagg and Hogun ) i3 M: z% z/ G* B# h3 {/ H
        New Orange Heroes in Mysterious Chest:Idun and Gannicus
2 ]8 |; b0 |2 B0 V: [& K        New mount in Mysterious Chest:Kayan Mammoth Costume
2 ^1 m; N. ^/ |- g& w2 c. h4 v        New costume and wing combination in Mysterious Chest:Twilight City ) r$ k. _3 c2 u* z

& t4 q: s+ _6 M* ~( Q6 tOptimization: ! X1 T  a; C( v% c( u# }
1.        Daily Must-do tab has been added in Daily Guide, which will offer more detailed guide for newbies. # J1 t! g8 S7 j: q7 l& {5 H
2.        Changes of server event: ' n+ @: \, g7 h& o) Q- t
        The duration of Collect Heroes for Rewards event has been extended to 30 days. 7 k& T) r6 |3 b) o) m" L
3.        Battle Rating Assessment: ) W5 E# M, a, U0 T$ F" b: q" u' e
        Entrance of Hero Upgrade has been added.
7 i1 p' ^7 ~1 G: \% B/ h# d6 C  |3 u        Card Master Entrance has been added in Hero Quality.
# i% D* O) }# x+ m4.        Star Pantheon Optimization: 9 h, T4 p# N9 v, j
        You can now use items to obtain bonus chances.
5 K: h  g& V9 ~4 L7 B4 g + ]7 R/ m& Y2 J' d% m5 N

3 ?, k3 c+ `# C& JBest Wishes, ! E: y8 ]; }  e. ]
Gamebox CR Team

0 M8 L' w  `! y8 `! K! e: Z


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