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Mount System

Mount System

Mount is the special pet which player can possess permanently. It’s not only the symbol of player’s status, but also the best partner of player. The mount can be totally controlled by player, but cannot be forced to attack monsters. OQ provides all kinds of mounts to players. Player can get a class common mount by system when reaching Lv18. Mount NPC Brudocha can provide common mounts of each class, but won’t sell rare mounts of non-class. Player can exchange for senior mount from Class NPC, when the Donation reaches 1460000.            Warrior→Warhorse→Moving Speed4.0→Emperorse→Moving Speed 6.0
            Mage→Tiger→Moving Speed4.0→SiLver Tooth→Moving Speed6.0
            Priest→Leopard→Moving Speed4.0→Bolt Chaser→Moving Speed6.0
            Hunter→Sheep→Moving Speed4.0→Black Sheep→Moving Speed6.0
            Assassin→Skeleton Warhorse→Moving Speed4.0→Engulfer→Moving Speed6.0

        Types of Mounts


        Mage→Tiger→SiLver Tooth


        Priest→Leopard→Bolt Chaser


        Hunter→Sheep→Black Sheep


        Assassin→Skeleton Warhorse→Engulfer


        [Tips] Pull the icon of mount into your skill slots to operate more conveniently.



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