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good to go ERROR

good to go ERROR

I happened to have waken up at around 3:00 S36 time, and someone invited me to do an instance and i decided to do it with them. I noticed that i got the 1.5x the silver and exp and double the drop rate then. I tried to do the instances and campaigns during the server time, AS IT SAYS IN THE EVENTS NEWS, to get the 1.5 times exp and i was not getting it all this time!!!!!!!! And this has happened during the previous events too!!!!!
I also wrote an in game mail about this, but i dont know if you received it, since i didnt get the green worded saying that 'mail has been sent to GM' as has happened before.

But I check your company 'Beijing Gamease Age Digital Technology Co., Ltd.' Its based in Beijing, apparently.
and you know i checked the time there after I did the instance, and the time was 6:03pm, thats right 18:03. So it was not 18:00 server time, as in S36, but Beijing time, then say that!!!!

PS: Please remove the scrolling news ticker.   


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